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Hughes and Kettner TubeMeister Deluxe

A highly flexible amp for gigging and recording guitarists.  ·  Source:

Front panel controls  ·  Source:

Hughes and Kettner TubeMeister Deluxe

The back panel with the Red Box DI output inbuilt.  ·  Source:

Hughes and Kettner TubeMeister Deluxe 20 40 watt Red Box DI Power Scaling

Hughes & Kettner today announced a 20 watt and also a 40 watt version of their popular TubeMeister Lunchbox amp range  ·  Source: Lars Mullen

Hughes & Kettner today announced 20 watt and 40 watt versions of their popular TubeMeister Lunchbox amp range.

The new amp heads come in two wattages and both feature their Red Box AE DI output. This means you can easily send a DI signal from your amp to a desk for recording or front of house. They also feature the company’s Tube Safety Control which keeps an eye on the valves, re-biasing them if necessary. There is also a real power soak built into them, so you can drop the output down when recording or playing smaller venues, but keep your power amp characteristics.

I have owned a few of their amps over the years and was always struck by their great build quality and flexible features. On paper, this new lineup will follow in those footsteps, which to me is a good thing. Also, the H&K Red Box DI has for me always been a really great piece of kit and one every player should own. I’ve had to use one so many times over the years and so to have one built directly into your amp is fantastic.

It’s nice to see the company expanding on this range and giving gigging/recording guitarists more choices for portable, flexible guitar amplifiers.


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