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Hughes and Kettner AmpMan Classic and Modern

Hughes and Kettner AmpMan Classic and Modern  ·  Source: Hughes and Kettner

Hughes and Kettner has launched two new AmpMan pedalboards in two versions called Classic and Modern. These amp-in-a-pedal boxes come with a good set of I/O and plenty of great tones on tap.

Hughes and Kettner AmpMan Classic and Modern

The amp-in-a-box is a product category that’s seen huge growth in recent years. Now Hughes and Kettner’s wants in on the action, launching two new AmpMan amps in a pedalboard format. The Classic version is geared towards vintage-voiced clean and classic rock drive tones. The Modern incarnation is designed for cleans with more sparkle all the way to full on, high-gain drive tones.

Hughes and Kettner AmpMan Classic and Modern

Hughes and Kettner AmpMan Classic and Modern

Spirit Tone Generator

Both versions use the Hughes and Kettner Spirit Tone Generator, an all-analogue signal processor H&K says acts and feels like a real tube amp circuit. The basic two-channel architecture gives you independent controls on each channel for Volume, Sagging, Presence, Resonance, Tone and Gain.  On top of that come Master Volume and Solo Boost level controls to give you more control over your levels. That could make for an attractive choice for studio and live work. I like that the solo mode lets you set the secondary master volume using the red knob.

Both models have footswitches for Channel Selection, engaging the Solo mode and the boost, and bypassing the effects loop.

Hughes and Kettner AmpMan Classic

Hughes and Kettner AmpMan Classic

Red Box Ae+

On top of the aforementioned effects loop, there’s also connectivity for headphones and an auxiliary input, as well as a 4-16 Ohm speaker connections. Both AmpMan pedalboards are rated at 50 Watts, which should be enough for small- to medium-sized gigs.

I’m also pleased to report that the AmpMan includes the Red Box Ae+ cabinet simulator, with access to 8 cabinet models which come pre-loaded. User impulse responses are also supported which is great for players that want to tailor their tones with IRs.

Overall, I think these look quite promising. The access to the Red Box cab sim is the icing on the cake, leping to appeal to those looking for a neat, flexible solution. Both models will be available from 21 February, so it’s not long to wait.

RRP – EUR 349 each

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