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Moog Muse

Moog Muse  ·  Source: Mike Dean

Mystery Moog

Mystery Moog  ·  Source: Andrew Huang


The Moog Mirror, which accidentally debuted at the Superbowl Halftime Show, is now apparently called the Muse.


Moog Muse?

Update (8 April 2024): The Mirror is now the Muse. Synth-loving music producer Mike Dean shared an image on his Instagram Stories showing the mixer section of what seems to be a new eight-voice polyphonic Moog. It clearly says Muse and not Mirror. This would be in keeping with Moog’s female-centric naming scheme, particularly if the new instrument really is a polyphonic synth based on Matriarch architecture, as rumoured.

Moog Muse
Moog Muse · Source: Mike Dean

Looking at the picture, which seems to show the mixer section of the panel, we can see that it has two oscillators, ring modulation, an oscillator modulation slider, noise and something tantalizingly called “Overload.” Below the mixer, there appears to be an arpeggiator. The shape and styling of the sliders are very Polymoog-esque.

Keep in mind that nothing about this release is confirmed and it could all come to nothing. But an affordable polyphonic Moog is certainly something to get excited about – even just the possibility of one.

(Original article): With all the hoo-har around Moog and the InMusic buyout, it’s great to get positively excited about the possibility of a new Moog synth. Apparently, it was seen as part of the huge array of synths that were on stage for Usher’s halftime show. I’m not sure about that. There are certainly a lot of recognisable Moog products on stage, but you’ve got to have a keen eye to spot a previously unreleased one.

Mystery Mirror Moog

Regardless, Andrew Huang has thrown embargoes to the wind by posting a selfie of him sitting in front of an unknown Moog synth. What could it be? Andrew isn’t telling us – yet. Reports from the ether suggest that it will be called the Moog Mirror, it will have 8-voices and is based on Matriarch architecture.

Mystery Moog
Mystery Moog · Source: Andrew Huang

What we can see is a bunch of chewably lit, lozenge-sized buttons, a close-up of some classic Moog knobs and metal panelling and a five-octave keyboard with wooden cheeks. It looks very smart. It doesn’t look like something as high-end as a Moog One or MemoryMoog, in fact for me it reflects more of a Prophet-5 sort of vibe. There is a screen you can just see, and those buttons are likely to be preset selections. There’s a good bunch of controls, but not a crazy amount. It has two oscillators, a Chord mode and at least a Unison mode, all of which point to some polyphony.

Synths on Usher's stage
Can you spot the mystery Moog? · Source: Apple

According to commentators, we’re supposed to be looking at the synth named Mirror underneath the Matriarch on the left. The synth that looks very much like a Roland Jupiter-X. I’m sure these things will become clear.

This image just appeared on Facebook from that is positioned very differently from the one we’re supposed to be looking at. I think this is the synth on the far right, just above the corner.

Moog Mirror?
What happened to the wooden cheeks? · Source:

What’s coming?

Could Moog be returning to the market with a lovely new polysynth named Mirror? And could it possibly be a more mid-market machine rather than an aspirational premium instrument that only the few can afford? Maybe that’s the hope that InMusic brings to the table – an affordable poly-Moog.

The rumours, guesswork, and confident declarations from synth-heads will be abounding on social media until we get the official information. It’s certainly more exciting than who won the Football.

Moog Muse

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11 responses to “Moog Muse: Leak Suggests New Name For Moog Mirror!”

    Louis Cornale says:

    is it good for wooly bully watch it now

    William says:

    In keeping with the Mother, Grandmother naming theme, this polysynth will be called the “Moog Bridge Club”

    (i kid)

    Nvrmor says:

    that white Matriarch is pretty baller

    Mark Dolan 🇬🇧 says:

    Who cares?

    Andrew Huang represents everything wrong with ‘synth culture’. A talentless shill

    Philaudio says:

    Red buttons comes from KORG (M1) !

    Chris says:

    the funny fact that it is only the Energy cable connected… no audio cable… all fake?

    Argolf Hilteri says:

    Tutti frutti buttons! how tasteless and sugar free!

    agdm says:

    To hear and see the new synth being played check out “Behind The Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show with Moog and the Avila Brothers” from 5m57s to 6m18s. I think this is the first teaser to be released by Moog.

    Monophonic and proud... says:

    Moog Poly? I could be wrong but I suspect they’re ripping off Behringer’s Poly D 😎

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