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Pons Guitar Revolution bodies

Pons Guitar Revolution  ·  Source: Pons Guitars

The new Pons Guitars Revolution system was designed in Barcelona and is a way for you to change the body on your guitar, with a relatively simple ‘push in’ core system. 

Pons Guitars

Essentially a small guitar body with an attached neck, pre-loaded with pickups and hardware. The system then pushes into a guitar body shape of your choice. These modular guitar systems appear to be a thing recently, for example check out the recent Somnium Guitars and  Bergstok Guitars article. Yet, Pons Guitar state that they are unique and the first of their kind, perhaps everyone is having the same epiphany at once?

Either way I really cannot see it taking off myself as guitarists are fickle beasts and I actually think it will just put players off, as it could work out expensive buying all those bodies. It could be a bit of fun, but I think it doesn’t have enough appeal to make me want to invest in the system myself.


The core system includes bodies for Telecaster, Stratocaster, Jazzmaster, SG, Les Paul and Flying V shapes. I think each guitar will still feel the same and therefore you miss out on the individual character which two different guitars would have.

It is neat and I’m sure well thought out in engineering terms, but I just don’t see the appeal myself. They mention in one of the videos below, that pricing will be under €1000 and that it could be as less as €800, but I think it would be hard for someone to choose one of these over a traditional guitar at that price point.

However, I really like their Skate Guitars on their website, which are made out of old skateboards, so think I’d but one of those instead and play slide guitar on it!

Pons Guitar site


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