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Bergstok Music designs guitars

Bergstok Music guitar designs  ·  Source: Bergstok

The Bergstok Music guitar design is currently on Kickstarter. The concept behind this instrument is to make it easy to adjust it to your playing preferences, and some of these options are pretty startling.

Reversible, customisable – and odd

Although they certainly are unusual-looking guitars, the thinking behind these guitars is pretty sound. The basis of the Bergstok design is for a guitar that can be made into what the player needs without a lot of hassle or having to use multiple instruments. You can select either left- or right-handed versions and the pickups can easily be swapped out to get your desired sound.


The guitars also sport a unique way of swapping out pickups, using a magnet-based system to hold them in place. I’m not sure exactly how this would work practically, as I’d imagine you would need special pickups for the job. But I like the idea of being able to tweak stuff on a guitar easily, so maybe it will evolve in time.


Berstok with unique magnetic pickup system for swapping out easily your guitars humbuckers and single coils!


They have also incorporated a built in guitar stand and I know this has been done many times in the past, but has never really taken off. I’m not exactly sold on this particular aspect of the design myself. It’ll probably be too easy to knock over and damage the guitar.

Bergstok built in kickstand

Bergstok with built in ‘kickstand’


It is currently a prototype, and although I’m not a huge fan of the design aesthetically, I like its ethos. I think it has some useful applications, especially in education. I love the idea that you can make it playable for any person and not have to compromise if you are a left-handed player, for example.

I’d love to see these go into production and maybe see the design evolve further to make it less visually jarring. But overall it would be nice to see some of these ideas trickle down into guitar design in general. Maybe they could license some of the ideas out?

For more details on teh guitars head over to Bergstok Music

You can of course also go check out their Kickstarter page and perhaps even back the idea.

by Jef
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3 years ago

Please help me out here…. (unless this is intentionally done for a novelty or gimmick). OK…Assuming this is serious and for real (and not an April Fool’s Joke….which would be kinda funny actually)… At first, it seemed like an interesting idea (left or right-handed-concept). But after playing guitar most of my life (both professionally and personal enjoyment), please help me to understand… “WHY”….. you would want to convert the guitar from either right-handed or left-handed in the first place. Most people either purchase a left or right hand guitar to suit their needs. Then they spend most of their life… Read more »