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Evolution Guitars new 'modular' guitar at Summer NAMM

Evolution Guitars new 'modular' guitar at Summer NAMM  ·  Source:

Evolution Guitars new 'modular' guitar at Summer NAMM

Evolution Guitars new 'modular' guitar at Summer NAMM. One of the new faceplates for their modular guitar system.  ·  Source:


Evolution Guitars say they have designed the world’s first modular electric guitar and are launching them later this week at the Summer NAMM Show.


The thought process behind it seems to be that you can screw on whole new guitar faceplates and so change the tonality of the guitar. This lets you modify a guitar and ‘turn’ it into another, potentially giving you more choice from one instrument. The company keep mentioning tone throughout their promo video (below).

Tone fail

Unfortunately they then put each guitar through the same over saturated, heavily distorted amps and so it all just sounds the same to my ears. I like distortion and heavy tones, just maybe not the whole way through a video that is trying to show the difference between the tonal qualities of ‘different’ faceplates. It ruined the demo for me.

Laminates for strength

They mention using Baltic Birch laminates to make the faceplates very durable and strong. This makes sense as laminates can be much stronger than single pieces of wood and some of the best guitars in the world like the classic Gibson ES335 are made using laminates. So, this way of making guitar tops already has a proven track record.

I would have loved a better demo than the one provided by the maker, Evolution Guitars. I’m really hoping some more decent audio demos appear online over the next week or so, especially as they will be at the NAMM Show presenting the new concept to the public. They have stated that they are launching with four faceplates. So far, no additional specifications have been released.


If and when I find out more I will update you all with details and hopefully some pricing as well. Watch this space!

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Evolution Guitars new 'modular' guitar at Summer NAMM

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