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“Game changer” is a term we hear a lot in this industry but very rarely is it totally apt – maybe Brainworx can lay a hefty claim to it with their annoyingly named bx_panEQ (can we just call it the Pan EQ?). The concept is very simple – to EQ anywhere within the stereo field. So you can place EQ points all over the panorama, process them separately and move them about between left and right. Well that’s not something I’ve ever come across before and at the same time that it blows my mind it also makes me fear that this is going to start getting really complicated.


Bx_panEQ features three fully parametric bell curve filters. Along with frequency, boost/cut and bandwidth you now have another parameter that allows you to dial in which portion of the stereo field you’d like to EQ and how wide the effect will be. And everything is automatable.


The GUI has this graphical spectral analyser displaying the boosts and cuts across the stereo field constantly updated in real-time as you manipulate the parameters. It’s a great way to experiment with the relationship between spectral response and stereo width.

A 14 day fully functional trial is available now from Plugin Alliance and so I think everyone should go and try it out. Otherwise you’ll need an iLok and $299 to keep it on your system. It’s available for OSX and Windows in AAX DSP and Native, AU and VST.

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