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Muse Ovations BeatWarp

Muse Ovations BeatWarp  ·  Source: Muse Ovations


BeatWarp is a startlingly colourful and innovative interface running an 8-track MIDI and audio groovebox. Sliders, rollers, lights and joysticks make for a fun-filled vibe.



I’ve been chasing the internet for information on the new groovebox from Muse Ovations. There just seemed to be one social media post and almost no information about the BeatWarp or the CircuitWarp Eurorack module. Thankfully Sonic State got a camera on it, and now we have more than a sentence.

BeatWarp is an eight-channel MIDI and eight-track audio groovebox with many interesting interactive functions. The sequencer is run by four joysticks that use directions for each quarter-note rather than a grid. By clicking the joystick, you can then alter sequences and settings on the fly. The LEDs bleed into the front of the box so that they are easier to see. The big central cross-fader glides between timbres on audio tracks or “sound kits” and scenes on MIDI tracks. There’s a lot of randomisation going on and internal effects that play into the performance-orientated front end. The six large and glowing sliders adjust settings within the modes and can be mapped to CC numbers within the MIDI tracks.

It has inbuilt synthesizers and sampled sound sources, all homegrown by Muse Ovations. You can sample directly into the box via the inputs on the back or add samples via the microSD card.


BeatWarp is currently under development; not everything has been ironed out or decided upon. Muse Ovations hope to have it finished but the end of the summer. I don’t think they really nailed the demo, and so I think there’s a lot more to learn about this interesting box. Hopefully, more information will be forthcoming once Muse Ovations is back from NAMM.

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Muse Ovations BeatWarp

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