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A new feature-filled Firmware Update for the UltraLite mk5

A new feature-filled Firmware Update for the UltraLite mk5  ·  Source: MOTU


The MOTU Ultralite mk5 Firmware Update adds a selection of useful new features including Talkback, Wi-Fi Access, and A/B Monitoring.


The UltraLite mk5 is a hardy and flexible half-rack mobile USB interface with a total of 18 inputs and 22 outputs. Meanwhile, MOTU is, of course, a widely respected name in audio interface technology, known throughout the industry for decades.

UltraLite mk5 Firmware Update

“The UltraLite-mk5 essentially got a feature boost from our just-released 828 audio interface because they share the same DSP-driven CueMix 5 mixer and front-end app. While developing these features for the new 828, it made perfect sense for our engineering team to add them to the UltraLite-mk5 as well.”

Jim Cooper, MOTU Director of Marketing
MOTU UltraLite mk5 Firmware Update
MOTU UltraLite mk5 · Source: MOTU

One of the most exciting features of the new “Gen 5” driver is Wi-Fi access functionality. Here, this enables users to use the CueMix 5 app and control the UltraLite mk5 and other MOTU devices from one or more mobile devices on the same network.

In addition, there is a range of new studio control room features such as talkback, monitor grouping, and A/B monitor selection. This means you can now connect and control two sets of studio monitors directly from the UltraLite mk 5 via CueMix 5.

Also, if you use multi-channel monitoring, you’ll be pleased with the new Monitor Group function. Now, the main volume knob and its software version in CueMix can control any configuration of the assigned analogue outputs.


What’s more, CueMix now has a handy Talk button, with controls for routing, volume, and how much dimming happens when talkback is active.

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The new “Gen 5” firmware driver is available directly from MOTU as a free download.

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MOTU UltraLite mk5
MOTU UltraLite mk5
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A new feature-filled Firmware Update for the UltraLite mk5

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3 responses to “A new feature-filled Firmware Update for the UltraLite mk5”

    gzzzt says:

    there’s no OSC support anymore on those? I have this on my mk3

    footcrab says:

    nice they’re still adding stuff, but cuemix 5 is terribly underwhelming compared to previous versions (cuemix 3) and even lacking extremely basic features like displaying numerical peak values or ability to numerically enter volume levels on the channel faders. Only 3 band EQ opposed to the previous 6 band, overly large interface that you continuously scroll left to right and non-stop clicking, no real time metering tools from previous versions, (real-time spectrogram waterfall, FFT, tuner, stereometer) dumbed down compressor, no limiter, dumbed down routing. Used to be able to power ultralite mk3 from just a single firewire cable from my laptop and run crazy processing/routing before even hitting the daw or no daw at all. The new version works, but is like 30 steps back in terms of functionality and usability. They just only got the wifi control implemented after how many years? And this was stated as a functional feature from release… new ultralite/cuemix is a joke compared to past iterations.

      Tonio747 says:

      Concordo, ho acquistato una MK5 convinto che avessero migliorato alcuni problemi di stabilita della MK4. (che ho venduto per acquistare la MK5). Niente, una delusione terribile. Hanno semplificato così tanto che alla fine sembra di usare il mix di windwos. Voglio le funzionalità che avevo prima con il Cuemix 3 . Il compressore della mk5 fa pena come pure il riverbero. Non si può mettere nesun effetto nella uscita HOST. Prodotto sconsigliato.

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