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After Later Audio COCO and MIC

After Later Audio COCO and MIC  ·  Source: After Later Audio

After Later Audio MIC Line

After Later Audio MIC Line  ·  Source: After Later Audio

After Later Audio COCO Series

After Later Audio COCO Series  ·  Source: After Later Audio


After Later Audio lets you build your own complex oscillator with the COCO series and tackles some Mutable Instrument legends with the MIC Line.


COCO Series

This is an interesting idea. Rather than hit you with a complicated, elaborate and super wide complex oscillator, the COCO series lets you put together the features and versatility that you need. The nature of the complex oscillator is broken down into four separate modules. They complement each other and can work either stand alone or come together to form a deep and complex generator of sound.

The first element is Cascades. This is a fully-fledged analogue oscillator with morphing waveforms, Through Zero FM, Amplitude Modulation and a Cosine output. It’s switchable between VCO and LFO ranges.

Next, we have Canyon, a sub-harmonics generator with split odd and even harmonic sections. The resulting two outputs can be mixed and crossfaded between. You can clock each side independently and route it out at either audio rate or as an LFO for interesting modulations.

Valley is a mixer/crossfader and a wavefolding machine. There are five stages of wavefolding, odd and even harmonics, crossfading between folded and unfolded waveforms, and it’s syncable to Cascades.

Finally, there’s the 4HP Brooks Through-Zero oscillator. Alter Later Audio suggests this works best as the 2nd or 3rd oscillator in a system and is great as a modulator as well as standing on its own.

After Later Audio COCO Series

After Later Audio COCO Series

I’m really into the concept as it gives you a pathway from a single oscillator into more complex possibilities while staying with modules that are designed for each other. They are individually good value too, with Cascades being $149, Canyon and Valley $99 and Brooks $119.

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MIC Line

The MIC Line offers full-sized replicas of three of Mutable Instruments’ most sought-after modules.

Dice is a take on Marbles source of random gates and voltages. Resonate is based on the Rings resonator and Cumulus is, of course, Clouds.

After Later Audio MIC Line

After Later Audio MIC Line

These all look really good, and I appreciate the colour of the knob caps mirroring the original modules. Dice is £274, Resonate and Cumulus are $199.

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After Later Audio COCO and MIC

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    Richard Lawler says:

    Love the idea.
    I’m also interested in the Canyon because I’m rather a fan of the Subharmonicon.

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