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Midweek Modular

Midweek Modular  ·  Source: Gearnews, AMSynths


While Analogue Solutions makes something bigger than a Colossus Midweek Modular runs into a bone sawing filter, some Jupiter gooeyness and Negative Slopes.


This week we discovered a boutique modular manufacturer called which is the sort of name that will play havoc with spellcheckers and SEO for copywriters. But had some good modules, including some open-source respins and Electrosmith Daisy based digital modules.

Analogue Solutions doubled the size of the Colossus into even more of a monster synthesizer. I guess Analogue Solutions couldn’t come up with a word bigger than Colossus, so it’s called the Colossus Double. It’s a thrillingly ridiculous pin-matrix style modular synth.

While not entirely modular, the week’s most exciting news was that the Erica Synths Perkons HD-01 drum machine is ready for manufacturing. We saw it at Superbooth last year, but component shortages hit it. But Erica Synths has been working around the problem, and preorders will open very soon.

Midweek Modular Bits and pieces

Here are a few modules, synth concepts or things that make electrical noise that I’m pleased to shine a light on for Midweek Modular.

Animal Factory Amplification Bonesaw

Bonesaw is a fabulously baffling looking analogue multi-mode filter from Mumbai based modular and pedal makers Animal Factory Amplification. The website says that Bonesaw has all the precision of a drunk 18th-century surgeon. That sounds like a riot!

It has individual outputs for lowpass, highpass and bandpass and CV control over cutoff, resonance and FM depth. You can do exciting things with FM phase modulation. Next to the cutoff knob, there’s a similarly sized Drive knob that shows exactly where the emphasis is. It will rasp; it will spit and tumble into self-resonance as you go to work carving up your audio. There’s also an ability to integrate with the Vivisect mixer module via an internal cable to create a 3-band EQ/pole-mixing filter.


The Bonesaw is available now for £151.59.

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More Information

  • Animal Factory Amplification website.
  • More from Animal Factory Amplification.

AMSynths reissues Jupiter Filter

AMSynths originally released the AM8109 JP-8 VCF in 2010. It’s a replica of the low pass filter found in the Roland Jupiter 8 and Jupiter 4. And so it has that recognizably warm and gooey sound. The original filter couldn’t self-oscillate, but AMSynths has pushed it to attain this feature while keeping the overload and clipping under control.

AMSynths AM8109 JP-8 VCF

AMSynths AM8109 JP-8 VCF

This latest version was first seen in 2019 and was adjusted to make it skiff-friendly. They quickly go out of stock so registering your interest would be essential. The AM8109 JP-8 costs a very reasonable price of £125.

Low Gain Electronics 4U Modular

4U modular is very much a boutique within a niche but has a very passionate following. Low Gain Electronics is one manufacturer with a dedicated Serge Modular 4U offering. We recently saw its 4U Matrix Mixer which is now available for preorder.

Low Gain Dual Negative Slopes

Low Gain Dual Negative Slopes

But the module that caught my eye this week is the snappily named Dual Negative Slopes + Hills & Valleys 4U PCB LGE082. It’s a classic decay and fall generator (negative slopes) with added minimum and maximum processors (Hills & Valleys). It’s available as a kit from $30 or fully built for $400.

  • Low Gain Electronics website.
  • More from Low Gain Electronics.
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Midweek Modular

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