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AMSynths SN-101

AMSynths SN-101  ·  Source: AMSynths


AMSynths is broadening its roster of recreations by taking on the filter from the classic Roland SH-101 synthesizer. Does the SN-101 have the bounce and squeak of the original?


SN-101 Filter

The SN-101 certainly looks resplendent in its red front plate. And I always appreciate sliders on a module, especially when that’s what the original synthesizer had. This is the low pass filter of the legendary Roland SH-101 recreated by Rob Keeble of AMSynths. He’s been tackling the legends of the synthesizer world for over a decade now and is the man responsible for the sound quality of the Behringer 2600 synth and 2500 modules. But at AMSynths he does his own thing in small batches with quality modules.

If you check out the modules over on you’ll find recreations of filters from the Jupiter 8, Jupiter 4, OB-1a, ARP 2600, TB-303 and many more. He’s always got something new on something old bubbling away.

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More Information

For the SN-101 we can see the frequency cutoff and resonance sliders at the top, clear of any patch socket interference. It has two inputs with an attenuator over Input B. You’ll see that it has a dedicated envelope input, that can also be inverted, with a depth of modulation knob. There’s a separate LFO input and a Keyboard input for modulation scaling. All of this is very true to the original synthesizer.

Does it sound any good? No idea as yet as I can’t find any demos but you can be pretty sure that Rob gets these things pretty much on the money.

The SN-101 should start shipping in April. There’s no price yet but AMSynths other filters have commonly been priced between £115-£140 which is quite good value.



AMSynths SN-101

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2 responses to “AMSynths SN-101 Filter: a filter cut straight from the SH-101”

    mcshafty says:

    What a rubbish bit of review. How does it sound? I don’t know as I haven’t heard it?!

    Air on air on air!

      Robin Vincent says:

      Thanks! I think the point I was making is that it would be good to hear it so that you can judge whether it sounds anything like the SH-101? We try to offer an opinion on the products here on gearnews and that can be difficult when there’s no demo.

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