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AMSynths Prague teaser

AMSynths Prague teaser  ·  Source: AMSynths


Launching in May AMSynths reveals the first details of their forthcoming analog Eurorack compatible monosynth they are calling The Prague.


The Prague

Information is a bit sketchy but from the teaser video we can gather that this is a dual oscillator analog mono synth based on the 3046 VCO found in synths such as the Minimoog. The video says it has a “tlusty” Moog filter which is probably a typo and could read “trusty” although I’m going with “lusty”.

They say it’s a place of modulation heaven, it has contours and sync and cross-modulation, double deep subs and sawing lead lines while being the ultimate bass synth.

The Prague is going to be a 60HP Eurorack module that can fit into a Moog 60HP case with its own PSU. It sounds like AMSynths has designed it to match with the Moog semi-modular synths like the Mother-32 and Subharmonicon and that’s a really interesting idea. Because while it’s a synth voice that can be dropped into a larger Eurorack system the 60HP Moog semi-modular eco-system is turning into a really neat format with those 2 and 3-tier brackets and right-sided patch bays.


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The specs and the rather nice sound coming from the teaser video do hint at something like the Moog Prodigy which would be a fitting addition to Moog’s semi-modulars.

Moog Prodigy

Moog Prodigy

Apparently, we’ll know more in May when preorders open.

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AMSynths Prague teaser

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3 responses to “AMSynths teases The Prague: Dual Oscillator Analog Mono Synth”

    Paul Boos says:

    Cool catch Robin! Moog does make a 4-tier also… If they did the same right hand patch bay this would be a perfect addition to the Moogs out there…

    John says:

    So that’s where all the other stuff Rob promised went. Oh well.

    Takaonajakaija says:

    “tlusty” it means “fat”. There gonna be a fat, beefy sound.

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