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AMSynths AM997

AMSynths AM997  路  Source: AMSynths


If you are trying to interface your 900 series replica Moog modules with the rest of your Eurorack then the AM997 will sort out the triggering and for less than the Behringer alternative.



It’s a remarkable thing to be able to undercut Behringer but the AM997 costs only 拢29 compared to the much larger and more complex Behringer 961 Interface module at 拢49. It offers 2 channels of V-Trig to S-Trig conversion, each with 2 S-Trig outputs to convert Eurorack gates into the sorts of signals the classic Moog modular-based modules would understand.

When Behringer built their Moog replica modules they also included the S-Trig format that’s not really been used in Eurorack. S-Trig works by connecting a signal to ground (or shorting) when triggered and is the way Moog achieves gating in their modular. Most other systems use V-Trig where the trigger or gate causes a high voltage. To convert between the two Moog introduced the 961 Interface module that Behringer has adapted to Eurorack. However, it’s a bulky module that takes up a lot of space and exudes complexity.

The AM997 is only 4HP wide and will let you bring gates and triggers from your Eurorack and plug them into the Behringer Moog modules – easy. It also has internal connections for the AMSynths AM993 Triggers and Envelopes Control module to provide S-Trig inputs.

AMSynths AM997

AMSynths AM997

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5 responses to “AM Synths AM997 Dual Trigger Converter will sort your S-Trig from your V-Trig”

  1. David Rogoff says:

    The Behringers use S-Trigger? How many people are buying them to expand real Moog modulars? There should be a dip-switch on modules that selects between S and V Trigger

  2. John says:

    I bought two!

    Thanks Rob!

  3. John says:

    Fwiw, S-trig also allows wire-oring triggers without any additional hardware. Something you can’t do with V-trigs.

  4. Asteroth says:

    Interesting comment about undercutting Behringer on price. Rob from AMSynths collaborates with Behringer.

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