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AMSynths AM8110 SN-101 VCO

AMSynths AM8110 SN-101 VCO  ·  Source: AMSynths


AMSynths’ SN-101 Modular Project is complete with this key piece of the SH-101 puzzle; the oscillator. Let’s check out the AM8110 SN-101 VCO.


AM8110 SN-101 VCO

These are shaping up to be a gorgeous row of modules. The SN-101 range aim to capture the tone and authenticity of the original Roland SH-101 synthesizer in modular form. This increases the versatility and the potential for CV patching and modulation, taking the SH-101 sound to whole new places.

The AM8110 SN-101 VCO is a bit of a mouthful but also a very smart-looking module. It’s very close to the original circuit using the AS3340A oscillator chip and a few upgrades to the components. The panel heavily reflects the front of the SH-101 with LED sliders over the Pulse Width, and Sawtooth, Pulse and Sub waveform volumes. Switches provide choices between manual and external modulation sources, octave range and the octave of the square wave sub-oscillator.


The knobs provide coarse and fine-tuning and you get an attenuator over the FM Modulation input. CV inputs are available over the PWM, 1v/oct pitch input and Modulation. You only get a single out which contains a mix of the waveforms set by the sliders.

This, of course, would work perfectly with the SN-101 VCF, VCA/ADSR and LFO modules. Use all four to brilliantly modularise the classic SH-101 sound in your rack. Or pick and choose the modules individually just because they sound good.

AMSynths SN-101

AMSynths SN-101 · Source: AMSynths

At £160 the AM8110 SN-101 VCO is undoubtedly reasonably priced and should be available now.

AMSynths AM8110 SN-101 VCO

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