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MeldaProduction MMorph plug-in

The MMorph, one of Melda's most recent releases  ·  Source:


Prague-based MeldaProduction have come up with a fun little way of spending a few hours locked up in your studio while the summer is blazing away outside. It’s a remix contest with some strict rules: use only the audio material provided, use only Melda plug-ins. Unsurprisingly, the prizes up for grabs are vouchers in various denominations for their own plug-ins, going up to €400.


The audio files for the project are provided by “nu-jazz/dnb band” Bitosti. Titled Cliché, the song itself is an acoustic drum’n’bass track with heavy jazz influences. The existing mix for the track can be found here. Far be it for me to critique a mix, I’ll leave that to other gearnews contributors who know what they’re talking about, like our very own Simon Allen. But streaming off Soundcloud and listening on Beyerdynamic DT-990 (the older, better sounding and more comfortable ones) I found it lively and sonically pleasing, if overly dense here and there and perhaps lacking somewhat in dynamics and space. Could I do any better? Absolutely not. Ah yes, the armchair expert who can’t improve on what they’re criticising – don’t we just love them?

By restricting entrants to using only Melda plug-ins, I presume they’re trying to showcase the creative potential of their range. There are no restrictions on what you can do to the audio files. You can either use the existing tracks in the given configuration and just come up with a new mix or you can completely recraft the whole song into something different. The main proviso is that you are not allowed to use any other plug-ins, including the ones provided in your DAW. You’re also not permitted to add any audio material or recordings to the project; the provided audio tracks are all you have to work with. And you have to submit your project file with your mix so that they can check you’re only using their products.

Melda have made quite a name for themselves by offering functionally advanced processors that share a futuristic approach to GUI. It’s all geared to more creative application of effects, both for mixing and mastering, rather than churning out the 76 billionth emulation of a well-known bit of analogue gear. Their product range is already sizeable; by now it must be north of 80, and their Total Bundle costs €1299. However, they also offer a whole raft of free plug-ins, so even if you don’t own any of the “bigger” plug-ins you can still enter.


Up for a more demanding remix challenge? Always wanted to own some Melda plug-ins but found them too pricey? If you’re not put off by the genre and have got a few hours to spare, this might be for you.

Head over here to download the files and get remixing. You’ve got until August 21st 2016 to submit your entry.

MeldaProduction Remix Contest

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