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MeldaProduction has one of the most comprehensive lineups of effects processors around. In fact if you can stick an “M” before the name of an effect, they probably already make it. So where do they go from there? Well, apparently they take all of their effects (currently numbering around 80) and stick them all inside one mega modular multi-effect!

Anyone who has used Melda’s stuff (as I have) knows that even a single one of their processors is pretty advanced, with a bunch of powerful features usually available even in the simpler effects like reverbs and phasers. So the prospect of everything in a single modular effect is quite frankly mind-blowing. It will have an automatic routing matrix to take care of all that tedious virtual wiring, plus versatile modulators to enable different parts of the effect to control each other.

It’s currently in beta and available only to owners of the Total Bundle though this will likely change. There are some presets available but the developer is in the process of creating many more as well as inviting submissions from users. Given how powerful it looks to be, for once the claims of ‘virtually infinite possibilities’ could very well be justified. Like most of Melda’s plugs it seems to have opted for a very scientific kind of interface so if you’re a fan of flashy graphics and virtual vintage dials and readouts you might not find much salvation here. On the other hand, you’d be hard pressed to find an effect with this kind of scope anywhere else.

Pricing isn’t clear at present though it’s likely to be fairly hefty given that the Total Bundle currently costs €999 and that’s more or less the same content you’ll get stuffed inside this single monster plug-in. I’d be surprised if it cost quite that much: there’s a psychological barrier to paying that amount for what is after all a single plug-in, even if it contains lots of other effects. Most likely there will be some kind of discount from the bundle price.

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