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U-He Colour Copy beta

 ·  Source: U-He

Respected developer u-he has launched a public beta of the Colour Copy delay plug-in it demonstrated at this year’s SuperBooth conference. The developer has also provided more details about the effect, which you can read below.


Based on the Lyrebird delay in the Repro-1 synthesizer, Colour Copy is said to deliver the colouration typical of classic Bucket Brigade Delay units, but with a wider variety of options. According to u-he, the Lyrebird delay simply sounded too good not to be developed into a standalone FX plug-in. Owners of Repro-1 will probably agree.

The main difference between Colour Copy and standard digital delays is that modulating or sweeping the delay time results in feedback glitches in the latter as the buffer size changes. Unlike that, Bucket Brigade Delays like Colour Copy change the internal sample rate (that is, how quickly the buckets pass on their content), giving out a smooth-sounding delay.

Colour Copy is rich with modulation and colouration options, with five types of colours, a set of controls like Regen, Width, and Mix, as well as built-in display showing the left and right delay channels in addition to the delay time and other information. It’s a very full-featured delay that certainly looks very promising.

The Colour Copy beta is available for Windows and Mac machines in AAX, AU, VST2, and VST3 formats. Scheduled for an August release, the public beta is free while the final version is currently pre-sold at an introductory price of EUR 49. The final price will be EUR 69.

UPDATE (15 Aug 2018): Colour Copy has been released! Check it out here.

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