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Duvell Q Summer Moss - John Browne Signature

Duvell Q Summer Moss and Winter Heather- John Browne Signature  ·  Source: Mayones

This new range of signature series for John Browne of MONUMENTS and Flux Conduct fame was recently announced by Mayones guitars. With quality hardware and stand-out finishes, these guitars are worth a look if you’re on the market for a modern, high-performance instrument to add to your collection.

The first thing that caught my eye was the distinct visual style of John’s new signature models. The combination of bright colours over a Swamp Ash body works very well, I think. The two finishes are called “Winter Heather” and “Summer Moss”. OK, so they may not appeal to everyone, but I think it really stands out. You may argue it looks a little ‘half finished’, but I love it.

Mayones Duvell Q - John Browne Signature

Looks good enough to eat! 


Thankfully, the Duvell Q also has the quality woods and hardware to match those striking colours, making these more than just guitars that are pretty to look at. Available with 6 or 7 strings, they are high-spec, modern instruments as befits the playing style of John. I’d expect these to play beautifully, as Mayones have a great reputation for building this type of modern guitar.

The two-piece body is made from Swamp Ash, and the guitar has a 5-ply Wenge and Maple neck. The fretboard is ebony and is fitted with Luminlay side dots and 24 extra jumbo Ferd Wagner 9685 Stainless Steel frets.

On the hardware side, these guitars have Schaller Hannes strings-thru-body bridges and Hipshot Grip-Lock locking tuners. Their tuning stability should be exceptional, even with the hardest of riffs been bashed out on them.

Bare Knuckle

This guitar features Bare Knuckle humbuckers, with the Nailbomb model in the bridge and the Cold Sweat humbucker in the neck position. There’s a Custom Q Tyger set of covers made especially for these guitars, which suit the whole aesthetic well, I feel.

Make sure you check out the two videos below to hear John putting them through their paces, as they sound pretty good. My only issue? I’m not sure which one I’d buy, as both colours look great to my eye.

RRP – TBC inc Mayones Hiscox Hardcase

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