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John Petrucci 2020 Majesty collection

John Petrucci 2020 Majesty collection  ·  Source: Ernie Ball Music Man

This year’s new Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci signature models have now been unveiled! And, as one would expect from the Dream Theater guitarist, they are totally majestic and built to shred!

John Petrucci 2020 signature models

For 2020, Ernie Ball Music Man has announced brand new colours and finishes for all its John Petrucci signature models. This means that the Majesty, JP15 and JP Maple Top six- and seven-string guitars all get a bit of a visual revamp. The Dream Theater guitarist has been with Ernie Ball Music Man for a long time now and so his models tend to get some of the best finish options, including the first runs of exclusive custom colour finishes that later get introduced elsewhere in the company’s catalogue.


The 2020 Majesty uses a nice lightweight Okoume body with a flamed maple shield and comes in a glossy translucent finish. The options for colours this year are Pink Sand, Red Phoenix, Smoked Pearl, and Ember Glow.

The guitar comes loaded with Petrucci’s signature DiMarzio Dreamcatcher in the bridge position and Rainmaker for the neck humbucker. As per usual with his signature model, these are combined with an onboard piezo bridge system, making it a super versatile instrument.

RRP –  starting at USD 2999

John Petrucci 2020 Majesty

John Petrucci 2020 Majesty

Purple Nebula Majesty

There is also a limited edition run of the Purple Nebula Majesty, available as either a six- or seven-string, with only 200 guitars being made. Each of these guitars is accompanied by a backplate signed by John Petrucci, along with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Definitely one for the mega-fans out there.

RRP – starting at USD 5299

Majesty Purple Nebula

Majesty Purple Nebula 6-string


The JP15 model for 2020 has a lightweight Okoume body with a figured maple top, a figured roasted maple neck and fingerboard, and comes in a Cerulean Paradise finish. The pickups are a pair of custom DiMarzio Illuminator humbuckers wired via a three-way toggle pickup selector, which is then paired with a piezo bridge system and an onboard 20db gain boost.

The JP15 is available in both six-string and seven-string versions.

RRP – starting at USD 3299

JP15 in Cerulean Paradise

JP15 in Cerulean Paradise

JP Maple Top

With the JP Maple Top, as the name suggests, you get a figured maple top over an alder body, with a mahogany tone block. The neck is made out of Honduran Mahogany and the fingerboard is East Indian Rosewood. However, if figured maple isn’t your thing, there is also a Koa Top option that features a mahogany body and neck, with an ebony fretboard.

Pickups this time are a set of DiMarzio Liquifire and Crunch Lab humbuckers, combined with a piezo bridge system and a coil-splitting tone pot. This signature guitar is also available as either a six-string or seven-string model.

RRP – starting from USD 3249

JP Maple Top in Dragon Blood

JP Maple Top in Dragon Blood

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