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Mansons Guitar Works MA 2019 Range launched

Mansons Guitar Works MA 2019 Range launched  ·  Source: Mansons Guitar Works


Manson Guitar Works has just announced a refresh of its MA range, with some nice new upgraded components custom hardware.


Manson Guitar Works MA 2019 Update

The MA range was first introduced back in 2011, and these new 2019 models come listed as either the MA EVO or MA Classic. That makes it easier to identify the models. The difference between the two? The Classic models have a scratchplate and top routed while the EVO ones are rear routed.

2019 MA EVO

The updated MA EVO now has a new neck position pickup, a full sized humbucker. That should give more tonal and switching options. Manson has spec’d its own CTS potentiometers with custom shaft sizes, tapers and tolerances, all with solid shaft bushing. They should last forever and handle even heavy touring and gigging. These guitars also use Orange Drop capacitors, too.

Each guitar comes with a Manson engraved neck plate, the same one they use on all the custom build instruments. You also get custom hardware controls with a discreet “M” logo. The hardware is all designed and fabricated in the UK. The rest of the guitar’s hardware includes a Gotoh bridge and tailpiece.


You can also choose the “Stage Two Tune” upgrade pack, which gives you a set of Psychopaf covered dual humbuckers. The 2019 Manson custom hardware is standard and all the guitars are hand-wired and assembled in the Manson workshops down in Devon, UK.

Mansons MA 2019 Range · Source: Mansons Guitar Works

2019 MA Classic

The new 2019 MA Classic has a more vintage-flavoured pair of USA-made TV Jones pickups. You also benefit from the same component upgrades as the MA EVO, with the custom CTS pots and Orange Drop capacitors. Again, as with the MA EVO models above, you get the custom Manson engraved neck plate. You can, however, choose between a Gotoh bridge and tailpiece or opt for a B5 Bigsby instead.

On spec, both guitar models look very tasty indeed. Each guitar has a very high build standard and so expect them to become available gradually. These aren’t mass produced instruments.

I’m lucky to have Manson as my local guitar store, so I often get to play their instruments. Hands up: Yes, I am a little biased. But these guys make such a beautiful guitar. Anyone that has ever played a Manson guitar will back me up on the exceptional quality. Just ask that Matt Bellamy bloke from Muse!

RRP – MA EVO 2019 from GBP 1199 and MA Classic from GBP 1349

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Mansons Guitar Works MA 2019 Range launched

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