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London Acoustics Enna and Telge Enhancer Bundle

London Acoustics Enna and Telge Enhancer Bundle  ·  Source: London Acoustics / Gearnews

London Acoustics Enna

London Acoustics Enna  ·  Source: London Acoustics

London Acoustics Telge

London Acoustics Telge  ·  Source: London Acoustics

London Acoustics has released the Enna and Telge Enhancer Bundle. The two plug-ins work together to solve a problem as old as digital recording: Making your in-the-box production sound like it was made using analogue gear. 

London Acoustics Enna and Telge

The London Acoustics Enna and Telge plug-ins are based on the Acustica Audio SRL Nebula technology. Like the Tokyo Tube EQ, they are official third-party plug-ins for Acustica’s N4 Player. London Acoustics says that they can improve your tracks in several ways. Enhanced dynamics, frequency-selective saturation and a “general sound enrichment and openness” are some of their claims. That sounds tempting, but what do these two plug-ins actually do?

Enna is an emulation of three mid/high frequency enhancers. According to London Acoustics, Enna features the same EQ curves and saturation characteristics as the originals. The plug-in has automatable, continuous controls for THD, intensity, focus, mix, and high shelf EQ frequency and gain.

According to London Acoustics, Telge is an emulation of a custom analogue tube device. Telge’s lone control is a character knob, which lets you adjust the signal from balanced to rich. The developer claims that it can make digital tracks sound more “authentic” (whatever that’s supposed to mean), and that it also works well as a blend and glue tool on the mix bus.

Price and compatibility

London Acoustics Enna and Telge are available for Windows and macOS in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats (64 bit only). The bundle is on sale for EUR 49 until March 10, 2020. After that, the price will increase to EUR 70. A fully functional 4-week trial version is available through Acustica’s Aquarius app.

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