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DSP Synthesizers DR55

DSP Synthesizers DR55  ·  Source: DSP Synthesizers

DSP Synthesizers continue their prolific run of Roland percussion based modules with the DR55. Based on the classic Roland/Boss Dr Rhythm and modelled after the original circuitry, apparently, “it sound great” (sic). 

DR55 Analog Rhythm

Up until now most DSP Synth modules have been sample based. The DR55 is the first to feature analog modelling. They say it’s similar to the ACB technology Roland use in their Boutique instruments and software emulations. It features four channels of sound; bass, snare, hat and rimshot. All four have trigger and accent inputs, independent outputs and Decay controls. The bass drum has a T-Bridge resonator with up to 2.5 seconds of decay. The bass and rimshot then have tone controls, the snare has a “snappy” control and the hats have a high-pass filter. The rimshot output doubles as a mix output when the others are not connected.

It’s purely a sound module, it has no rhythms, patterns or internal triggering. It also has no CV control which is a shame. The images are strangely photoshopped which makes you think they haven’t produced a finished unit yet, but they do claim to have 6 in stock. The first 5 will get a discounted price of $99, after that it’s $149.

DSP Synthesizers could really do with some better images of their modules and ideally some sound demos or videos. Otherwise, opinions can only be formed on what we see and slight ropey photoshopping is not a good look.

DSP Synthesizers DR55

DSP Synthesizers DR55

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