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TONEX Pedal Leak

TONEX Pedal Leak  ·  Source: YouTube/ToneJunkie TV


Is IK Multimedia about to release their TONEX technology in a pedal format? According to a YouTube video leak, IK may be poised to release an amp-sim multi-effect pedal with amp capture technology. Is this a potential Kemper Killer? 


UPDATE 16/02/2023

The leak was pretty much 100% on the money. IK has officially released the new TONEX Pedal today and it offers Kemper-like amp profiling, just like the existing TONEX software.


TONEX Pedal · Source: IK Multimedia


It offers  up to 150 Tone Model presets at a time.  With over 1000 Premium Tone Models of the included TONEX MAX software. There is also a handy librarian feature and access to ToneNET that has over 6000 more user Tone Models that are free to download. This gives the system a great head start and should allow new users to explore lots of great amp tones.


Kemper Killer? · Source: IK Multimedia


The Tone Models can also be played not only from the TONEX Pedal but also from the included TONEX software and the TONEX iOS app. This integration and versatility could help the pedal take a huge chunk out of Kemper’s sales, as it does a similar job but at a much lower price point.

I also like that it has MIDI for control over more advanced rigs, as that makes it perfect for more complex setups. There is a lot to like here and I can see it becoming a popular product. Especially with guitarists that want to experiment with lots of amp tones.

MSRP – EUR 469 *

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IK Multimedia ToneX Pedal

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If this leak is to be believed, then the IK Multimedia TONEX pedal will offer what their existing TONEX software does, just in a more stage-friendly compact stompbox format.

This leak was shared on the ToneJunkie TV YouTube channel and the video shares most of the major specifications and details of the forthcoming pedal.

TONEX Pedal Leak

Source: YouTube/ToneJunkie TV


The TONEX pedal will deliver guitar and bass amps created by AI Machine Modelling. A total of 480 tone models are to be available – in addition, there are various VIR cabinets (apparently an in-house development based on impulse responses) with different speakers and microphones. User’s Own IRs can also be loaded adding to the proposed functionality…

Effects included:

  • Noise gate
  • EQ
  • Compressor
  • Stereo Reverb (taken from the X-TIME pedal)

Digital signal processing is rumoured to take place at 24 Bit and 192 kHz, with 123 dB background noise; additionally, we believe you’ll be able to use the TONEX pedal as a USB audio interface (24 bit/96 kHz).

IK Multimedia AmpliTube TONEX

IK Multimedia AmpliTube TONEX · Source: IK Multimedia


Currently, the TONEX software is the only official version of this amp modelling system. This pedal, if the leak is legitimate, could be a great solution; I’m guessing it could also be a lot cheaper than a Kemper system…

IK Multimedia TONEX MSRP – EUR 169 *

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IK Multimedia ToneX Download
IK Multimedia ToneX Download
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TONEX Pedal Leak

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7 responses to “IK Multimedia TONEX Pedal new amp modeller. A Kemper Killer?”

    Dom says:

    ToneX is amazing. and this product looks great. I’m mostly in the box now so my Kemper is up for sale but can’t seem to get anyone to buy it. Certainly does not hold it’s value as much anymore like it did a few years ago.

      Phil says:

      I think you will regret it. IK Multimedia is such a BS company, they will drop this product in a couple of years, or will create a new one and make the old obsolete.

      I have my Kemper since almost 10 years and still get new updates, features, sounds, … FOR FREE. And there is no new Kemper product coming up each year.

      Nobody does this. And I love the company for this strategy.

    George says:

    It’s absolutely not a Kemper killer, starting with connectivity. The ToneX outs are, according to the manual, unbalanced. There is only one input, and there’s no clock sync.

    It barely competes with the Helix Stomp.

    Joe Shlabotnik says:

    I think this isn’t just competition for the Kemper, but also for the Strymon Iridium, the Walrus ACS1, and the UAFX Amp Pedals. If this sounds good, I’d buy it and not bother using it to profile amps (the 150 amps it comes with is enough for my needs.)

      james hays says:

      My thoughts exactly. I like just turning on the helix and jamming but if this sounds way better I might have to build a pedal board again.

    Peter says:

    No stereo inputs? Really?

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