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Boss FZ-1W leaked

Boss FZ-1W leaked  ·  Source: TGP


A new Boss WazaCraft pedal named the FZ-1W has turned up online and was then swiftly withdrawn. But the internet being what it is, the TGP forum took some screenshots and so we have an image and some blurb to go with it. 


Update 4/11

The new Boss FZ-1W *was officially announced today, so you can now read the full specifications, watch the demo video, and decide if you need another vintage-style fuzz pedal in your collection.

Boss FZ-1W

Boss FZ-1W

Boss FZ-1W

It would appear that the new Boss FZ-1W is a fuzz pedal with a new design from the WazaCraft line and not a reissue of an older Boss compact pedal. There is of course an FZ-2 which I know many players lust after, but it had more controls and didn’t look anything like this new leaked pedal.  I personally think that this new FZ-1W looks a lot like the limited-edition Boss/Sola Sound TB-2W ToneBender that sold out immediately earlier this year, it even has a similar control layout and colour scheme.

Leaked Boss FZ-1W

Leaked Boss FZ-1W

Vintage 0r Modern

The link that was screenshot on the TGP forum lists not only the image above but also some basic specifications. We can see controls for Level, Fuzz, and Tone, along with a switch labelled V/M and this alludes to the two distinct fuzz modes Vintage and Modern.

It uses silicon transistors and Boss states it uses an all-new approach that has been inspired by vintage fuzz circuits. You can see that the specification mentions a ’60s fuzz and nods towards the previous TB-2W as being a source for some of the experience gained and applied to this new pedal.

Leaked Boss FZ-1W Fuzz Specifications

Leaked Boss FZ-1W Fuzz Specifications

Boss ’60s Fuzz?

I doubt Boss made much money from the limited run of the TB-2W, as all the online scalpers were the people that made all the real money. Therefore, it makes sense for Boss to offer their own take on a Vintage ’60s fuzz circuit, albeit with a Modern mode for added flexibility. This way they can sell it for as long as they like and make a real profit at last. I’d imagine all the extra hype from those TB-2W pedals and their jacked up price won’t hurt either!

The RRP appears to be around $199 which is probably about right for a fuzz pedal from the WazaCraft series. I’m looking forwards to the official announcement, which we expect will be any day now. Tell us what you think in the comments section below – would you buy one?

Update 4 November

Today it was officially announced and you can hear the new FZ-1W in the demo video below.



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by Jef

3 responses to “Boss FZ-1W ’60s style silicon fuzz pedal”

  1. Jim Wilson says:

    Just another overpriced boutique pedal. Like all the Waza Craft Boss pedals, the price puts them out of reach for your average player.

    • Jef says:

      This is far from a boutique pedal, it’s a massive multi-national company making it. So not sure where you place ’boutique’ in regards to pedals, etc

  2. AF says:

    Insta preorder!

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