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Seymour Duncan Fooz fuzz pedal

Seymour Duncan Fooz fuzz pedal  ·  Source: Seymour Duncan

The new Seymour Duncan Fooz synthesizer fuzz pedal is an analogue effect designed to complement guitars, synths and more. Delivering LFO-controlled synthy fuzz in a compact pedal format, it could be lots of fun for tweakers and good for plenty of studio tomfoolery.

Seymour Duncan Fooz

The Seymour Duncan Fooz pedal is a fuzz pedal with Level and Gain controls. Judging by the videos below, its sound is between Velcro fuzz and a Big Muff. A tremolo can be added as well, so you can get some movement into your dirt tones.

The Fooz also has a filter that can be used in lowpass or bandpass modes. This is controlled by a frequency and a resonance pot. As you can see in the videos below, you can also push the played overtones individually. The frequency can then be controlled by Envelope (velocity + Envelope controller) or by LFO.


The LFO is probably what people will enjoy the most. Controls for depth, speed, wave and shape make for a lot of creative potential. The wave characteristics on offer range from sine over triangle to rectangle, and from long to choppy. The Tap-Tempo footswitch makes the whole thing suitable for live use.

Seymour Duncan Fuzz DIP switches

Seymour Duncan Fuzz DIP switches

DIP switches

And on top of the pedal, there is an expression pedal input, plus a set of DIP switches that let it access Depth, Rate, Freq or Level. This looks like a good pedal for tweakers and lovers of dabbling, I can see it being popular with many musicians that like to delve deeper into what they can do with effects.

RRP – USD 349 plus shipping/taxes

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