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Ableton Push 3 leak

Ableton Push 3 leak  ·  Source: Reddit


An image emerged of the back of what could be the Ableton Push 3. There appeared to be audio in/outs and MIDI connections that got us all excited but it turns out it was a fake – oops! 


Push off

Well, I stuffed that one up. On my initial examination, it looked like a grainy image of something that was very plausible. It had appeared on a couple of news sites and original source seemed to have disappeared which added fuel to the “it’s a leak” idea. Then when it came to describing what I saw I found the whole thing a bit odd as it wasn’t really looking like a groove box to me. Here’s what I said:

The big number 3 is a bit of a giveaway but otherwise there’s just enough resolution on the image to make out some key details. The SD Card slot is the biggest indication that the Push 3 can run its own audio, play samples or offer some sort of recording. The audio sockets are less clear. On the Push 2 you have two jack sockets on the back labelled “1 & 2” in exactly the same way as we can see here but they are expression/sustain pedal inputs. So on the Push 3 these may simply be additional pedal inputs. There’s one unlabelled jack socket next to a what could be a gain or volume knob. It could be a microphone input or a headphone output. There’s also a minijack socket labelled “Aux“. That all feels a bit inconclusive to me.

And then a bunch of far-cleverer-than-I people started pointing out that it was a rather poor Photoshop job. Reports came in claiming that Ableton don’t know anything about it and it certainly didn’t come from them – well they would say that wouldn’t they?

The thing that really sunk it for me was the Electronauts forum someone had even shown exactly where the copy and pasting had come from.

Electronaut Forum post

Electronaut Forum post


Yep – that’s some wizard Photoshop skills right there.

It’s true to say that the move towards a more DAWless music-making environment is strong at the moment. We recently had the release of the Native Instrument Maschine+ which unharnesses Maschine from your computer and gives you a standalone production device. So a new version of Push that lets you use it away from Ableton Live seemed possible but very unlikely to me and I said so in the original article. We treat all “leaks” with a healthy dose of scepticism and report and speculate on what we see as best we can. It’s a fun part of the job.

However, I didn’t get this one right, all I saw was the glory of the leak and I will now spend the rest of the day standing in the corner thinking about what I’ve done. I am sorry for all the hurt and pain my actions have caused and while I know I’ve let you down what’s worse is that I’ve let myself down. I’ll endeavour to do better!

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6 responses to “Leak: Ableton Push 3 – could it be a standalone groovebox? No, it’s a fake.”

  1. MP says:

    Geez..go over to Elektronauts to find out what is going on. I expect more from ou guys . . . this is low. Ever heard of Photoshop?

    • Robin Vincent says:

      No, what’s that, a place to get your photos developed? I usually use Truprint – it only takes a fortnight by post. Turns out the Push 3 thing was a fake! OMG – we’ve edited the post to reflect this breaking news.

  2. Phil Granger says:

    O rly?

  3. BLaBla says:

    Are you as dumb as Synth Anatomy?

  4. John says:

    Stand alone like Force with some trim version of Live. Even iPad assisted if you need a bigger brain. Definitely Push 3 needs a sound card. CV controls would be cool too. Also sell it without any Live license. I already have some Kompletes out of Maschine Kontrol and KA6 ffs…

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