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 ·  Source: Loupedeck

Loupedeck CT features controls of all shapes and sizes.  ·  Source: Loupedeck


Ableton users, meet Loupedeck CT – a mini-Push which started life as a control surface for Adobe’s design and video editing applications, Apple’s Final Cut X, and other creative works. Loupedeck is armed with a grid of touchscreen buttons and a set of tactile controls that features a swipe-able jog wheel with display(!), knobs, and buttons arranged in a neat, logical manner. The device is a customizable platform which can be adapted for specific applications and Ableton Live 10 happens to be the newest arrival. 


The mini-Push?

Okay, calling Loupedeck CT that is, ahem, pushing it a bit, for it’s more of a control surface than a playable performance instrument like the Push. Still, it’s usable for banging out tunes to a certain extent – clips can be triggered from the pads, transport and mixer functionality (play, pause, record, mute, solo, volume and so on) is there too. The jog wheel incorporates a display and lets you browse instruments, sounds and effects. There are also editing functions in there, like copy/paste, parameter tweaks (using the dials), Scene actions, grid controls, switching between Live’s modules and views – most, if not all Live essentials are covered. And if you want to adapt it more specifically to how you work, Loupedeck CT has a custom editor with support for profiles.

Is this a smaller alternative to Push?

At EUR 499, the Loupedeck CT is priced 200 EUR below Push + Live 10 Intro, which is a significant price difference. However, the Push is about complete Live integration with performance possibilities whereas Loupedeck is more of a helper that treads some of the same ground, but is fundamentally different and perhaps more limited. I presume it will fit in a studio and production workflow better than it would in a performance context. Still, Loupedeck CT is fairly unique in terms of features and customization. Discovering opportunities to put its various controls into action should be a rewarding endeavour.


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