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Native Instruments Maschine+

Native Instruments Maschine+  ·  Source: Native Instruments

Native Instruments Maschine+

Native Instruments Maschine+  ·  Source: Native Instruments

Native Instruments Maschine+

Native Instruments Maschine+  ·  Source: Native Instruments

Native Instruments Maschine+

Native Instruments Maschine+  ·  Source: Native Instruments


Hardware and software powerhouse Native Instruments has released a new version of their Groove Box called Maschine+. With it, many a Machine user’s long-standing dream of a standalone groovebox has come true! Maschine+ is completely self-sufficient and can be used stand-alone, providing a tactile escapade from the computer. Internal processors, large displays, integrated memory and an SD card slot – yes, this is a standalone music production computer. Quite an announcement to follow Komplete 13 with!


Maschine+: standalone music production machine

It has been a while since Native Instruments has released a hardware instrument, or any hardware for the matter. But the familiar Maschine controller, which used to be tightly linked to a computer and proprietary software via USB, is now also a stand-alone device.

It was about time Maschine fans got to use their favorite audio workstation on the move, or fully untethered. While Akai had some problems converting its standalone MPCs to a “Windows” environment, Maschine + is hopefully ready to go out of the box. Note that the hardware does not contain a battery, a touch display, or an integrated loudspeaker.

Native Instruments Maschine+

Native Instruments Maschine+

Otherwise, things look promising. The housing is made of aluminum and contains the familiar trigger pads and controls. It weighs 2.5kg, so there’s a fair bit of heft to this thing. On the connectivity side, you will find pretty much everything you expect from a modern music making machine. Machine+ will ship with an 8 GB library containing many Maschine expansions, as well as FM8, Massive, Monark, Prism, Reactor Factory Selection, Kontakt Factory Selection, Retro Machines, Space and Phasis. Also coming to the Machine software are clips for easier arrangements of songs with audio tracks.

So what do you think about the news? While Native Instruments certainly took their time with this product, I don’t think it’s late to the market. There are plenty of Machine users who will be interested in it, and the hype within producer circles (it’s new and shiny!) will help turn Maschine+ into the competition Akai, and perhaps Roland, need.

Price and availability

Machine+ is up for pre-order at Thomann (affiliate link), priced a reasonably sane EUR 1259 or GBP 1179. Considering the older Maschine Studio used to cost EUR 999 and it was just a controller, I think NI is giving producers good value and a competitive offering.


  • Quad-core processor
  • 4 GB dual channel DDR3L RAM
  • Internal 32 GB eMMC flash memory (for OS and factory content)
  • 2x color display (480 x 272)
  • 64 GB SD card (included in the package)
  • WiFi
  • 44.1 kHz / 32 bit audio interface with two TRS line inputs and outputs, mini jack microphone input, headphone connection, MIDI in / out
  • Foot switch jack
  • 2x USB ports to connect MIDI controllers and external storage

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6 responses to “Native Instruments standalone groovebox Maschine+ available for pre-order”

  1. Ronald Vonk says:

    And the million dollar question is: “Will NI eventually port all their synths and efx to this platform and if yes, will you have to pay for them again if you already own Komplete Ultimate”?

    • Daniel says:

      No, because an embedded system with a custom OS is not a full PC or Mac so it would be not possibly to run every plug-in, actually it is quite surprising they ported so many already.
      The launch videos say you can use your “most” of your existing Expansions so, again no, you do not have to pay again.

  2. Digiphex says:

    Story is wrong, it is not “untethered” it is tethered to a wall. Why not go ahead and tether it to a computer and give it full reign? This product makes no sense.

    • Daniel says:

      Most of my synths cannot run on battery or USB power packs, so I can barely see why it is such a huge issue.

      So why exactly is only Machine+ required to run on batteries?

      I have barely ever seen a negative reaction to a release like this one. It is exactly what a LOT of people were asking for (for years). DAW-less work flows have their reasons why they became so popular.

      • Patrick Mattingly says:

        You are comparing the wrong thing. Here it is a MIDI controller that became partially functional without a computer, the idea to connect it later and finish your song. So imagine a Keystep that becomes only partially functional as a synth without a computer so we can all say wow this is totally stand alone. But to get full synth power we will connect it to a computer later. You understand now?

  3. sean clarke says:

    £1,179 @ Thomann – NI List price £1099?

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