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Behringer Deep Mind 12

Behringer Deep Mind 12  ·  Source:

Behringer Deep Mind 12

Behringer Deep Mind 12  ·  Source:

Behringer iPad app?

Behringer iPad app?  ·  Source:

Behringer Deep Mind 12

Behringer Deep Mind 12  ·  Source:

The fifth teaser video has dropped and this one finally reveals the name – DeepMind 12. It sounds like a sentient machine out of a sci-fi movie. The video reveals a lot more about the digital heart of this synthesizer and I’m afraid to say that I’m starting to twinge with disappointment.

As soon as that screen appeared my heart sunk. So it’s not going to be all on the hardware panel. DeepMind 12 will not have a knob for everything or a slider for all controls, it’s going to have a bunch of stuff hidden in digital menus. According to Robbie Bronnimann, who’s the only artist to feature in this video, it’s all about the effects. And that seems to be what the screen is about. We can see what looks like 4 effects being chained together and edited.

According to Facebook Uli Behringer posted the following with the video:

Presenting my DeepMind12 synthesizer with 4 world-class FX engines powered by TC ELECTRONIC & KLARK TEKNIK. Thank you for making this the ride of my life. Uli Behringer

But i’m intrigued by this image:

Behringer iPad app?

Behringer iPad app?

It seems to show another screen above the LCD display which wasn’t there in other parts of the video. This is probably a companion iPad editor app, which is an added twist to an already mysterious sound making box.

For me when I see a big digital effects engine it immediately makes me think it’s making up for inadequacies in the raw sound material. You can make anything sound impressive if you laden it with delay, reverb and compression. But when you get down to the rawness of the synthesis how well will it stack up? In this one teaser it’s gone from a fascinating analogue poly-synth into a Yamaha workstation keyboard with a few sliders. I knew it was all too good to be true.

However, what do I know? I do know that the “Modular Meet” (run by Divkid who appeared in an earlier teaser) up in Leeds on the 20th August claims to have one for people to try. So, awesome analogue or effects dripping nonsense? We’ll still have to wait and see.

Here’s the Modular Meets event – get yourself along to that.


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7 responses to “At last Behringer gives the synthesizer a name – DeepMind 12”

  1. Bruce says:

    So what you’re saying is that awesome and useful stuff makes your heart sink because you have some expectation of synthesis purism but you haven’t seen or laid hands on the raw engine with FX off yet and you’re expecting this FROM Behringer for under 600 and….

    I think I’ve found the flawed product. It’s your context awareness.

    • Pants_Up__Dont_Loot says:

      Oh look…Brucie thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. Typical Democrat.

      • Bruce says:

        What are your thoughts on Behringer’s new polyphonic synth? Oh, right, mom and dick related stuff only. You sure are good at this.

    • Robin Vincent says:

      I think a teaser is trying to elicit an emotional response – and what they hope is a response of interest, anticipation and expectation. And we’ve felt that in this series of videos – all without any real knowledge of this synths sound or capabilities. And so it’s totally appropriate for me to react differently when something appears that I’m less keen on. Expectation is heightened by a teaser campaign and i said earlier on that if they keep this going it’s all going backfire when it’s not as good as our imaginations have imagined! So yeah, we have absolutely no idea – all i can do is express how the videos make me feel about the product. Or i can just say nothing but that doesn’t seem very fun 🙂

      • Bruce says:

        I’d say the more interesting story is how after this round of teasers and Roland’s round of teasers and the 37’s round of teasers and Akai’s bungling of the Wolf/Cat lineup and the extensive teasers for that we’re all getting very sick of them trying to elicit emotional response like it’s a Nike shoe or a Jetta in a world where specs are the bottom line and consumers are secondary to professionals in theory but in practice LED’s are all over everything but having two MIDI outs is the domain of weird boutique stuff.

        I’d say “AT LEAST PLAY IT FIRST!” but you’ve doubly acknowledged that and with more grace than my kneejerk.

  2. Gary Epstein says:

    If Hillary Clinton likes any of this I will hate it

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