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Korg Minilogue XD

Korg Minilogue XD  ·  Source:

Just after Christmas Korg posted a cryptic image of the back of a man bathed in blue light and possibly playing some sort of the keyboard that we couldn’t see beyond a glimpse under his arm. Now another leak has appeared on Instagram of the Minilogue XD which could be exactly what they were hinting at.


Korg Minilogue XD

It has the styling of the recently released limited edition black version of the original Minilogue but the layout is much more like the Prologue plus the sequencer buttons from the Monologue. What’s important is the oscillator section with the third Prologue-style digital oscillator display. “XD” probably refers to that digital and presumably user modifiable oscillator. The ability to design and create new functionality into that third oscillator is one of the major features of the Prologue. It makes complete sense to bring that to an updated Minilogue.

Also, the Minilogue has been a huge success for them and nicely brings some of that desirability to the Prologue down to the more affordable Minilogue end of the market. Apparently, it still has mini keys though.


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The Minilogue XD is very likely to be the devices behind the tease, but you never know, there could be more to come in the lead up to NAMM 2019.

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