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Joyo JGE-01 Infinite Sustainer Device

Joyo JGE-01 Infinite Sustainer Device  ·  Source: Joyo


The new Joyo JGE-01 Infinite Sustainer is a hand held device that offers players two modes of infinite sustain. But can it compete with the classic EBow?


Joyo JGE-01 Infinite Sustainer

The EBow has been around for around 40 years or so and up until very recently, it has had little to no competition. Then TC Electronic released its Aeon string sustainer last year.

Now Joyo has entered the infinite sustainer market with the new JGE-01 Infinite Sustainer. This unit is similar in size to both the Ebow and the Aeon. And just like those, it also has two modes of sustain available.

Joyo JGE-01 Infinite Sustainer Device

Joyo JGE-01 Infinite Sustainer Device. Sustain forever or until the battery runs flat!

Normal and Overtone

You can choose from Normal or Overtone settings and whilst the difference is subtle, the device does seem to behave differently. The overtone mode adds a harmonic. You use the JGE-01 bin a similar way, too: just hover the unit above your guitar’s strings and it uses a magnetic field to get them vibrating for you.

Into the light

A handy blue LED shows you which string you have it over, so you can see what you are doing. The unit runs via a single 9V battery, which, if it is anything like an Ebow, should last for ages.

Check out the official demo video below to here the new Joyo GE-01 Infinite Sustainer in action.

RRP – USD 69

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