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J Rockett Audio Hooligan fuzz pedal

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Launched earlier this year but finally starting to ship in the UK, the new J Rockett Audio’s Hooligan fuzz pedal is part of their Tour series of effects. This also includes the company’s highly regarded Archer pedal (a fairly accurate Klon Siberias Overdrive clone). Featuring the same simple layout and design aesthetic as it’s archery-themed label mate, the new Hooligan fuzz is aimed squarely at those that love the dirt!


Simple Things

Anyone that reads my articles will, of course, understand that I enjoy all things simple (yes, I’m a Luddite) and so three controls is pretty much my limit for a fuzz pedal. Luckily the Hooligan fuzz has exactly that amount; it’s as if they knew I love the fuzz. The controls on offer are: Level, Gain and Gunk – the latter being where things gets really interesting… J Rockett have this to say about the Gunk control: “Goes from smooth to a complete musical mess with all sorts of horn sounds in between.”

I’ll take that as it controls the amount of fuzz, then. It is an interesting description and one that probably about sums it up. A good fuzz pedal should be able to achieve many different tones with a basic control layout when combined with your playing style.

Pedal board friendly

The Hooligan is certainly the type of fuzz that will fit easily onto a pedal board, as it is not round or rocket shaped. It also takes a regular 9V negative tip power supply.  This means it will play nicely with your regular power supply with no added circuitry to reverse polarities required. Top mounted jacks for input and output allow it to sit on  a crowded pedal board as well. Lots of goods reasons to check this fuzz out then, if you like your effects pedals, as it should fit in nicely with all your other pedals.

RRP USD $174.99


J Rockett Audio Hooligan Fuzz pedal details here


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J Rockett Audio Hooligan fuzz pedal

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