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J Rockett Audio Designs Monkeyman

J Rockett Audio Designs Monkeyman  ·  Source: J Rockett Audio Designs

When you mention the phrase, “classic tweed sound”, it evokes the sound of many well-known songs. Hotel California, Hurricane, Funk 49 and thousands of songs featured that sound. J Rockett Audio Designs has come up with a new pedal it says wraps up all those classic tones into one effect. It’s called The Monkeyman.


So, why “Monkeyman”? Does it have anything to do with the Rolling Stones? Keith Richards is a self-confessed “tweed player”. We simply don’t know. It doesn’t really matter anyway, because, in the end, it depends on the sound. And J Rockett Audio Designs can definitely build good-sounding pedals. And this pedal is more than just a preamp.

Simple Tweed drive

With controls like Volume, Speaker Breakup and Spring Reverb it should deliver everything from a crumbly clean sound to exploding loudspeakers. Expect that classic American amp tone that Leo Fender inadvertently designed before it was cloned by Jim Marshall.

This boutique pedal certainly looks simple enough, with only three controls. But like most simple designs, it’s all about getting the balance right to get your tone. The demo videos below give a good overview of what to expect from the Monkeyman, so do yourself a favour and check them out.

I’m intrigued to know how they squeeze all this into one pedal. But I do appreciate a simple pedal design and this could be one of the strengths of the Monkeyman. That is, if it really does sound like an old ’50s Tweed amp…

As with almost all pedals these days, it is true-bypass. It can run from a standard centre-negative 9V power supply or a 9V battery.

Everyone should have 50s-era amp, right? Well, at least this one won’t break your back dragging it to your next gig!

RRP – USD 199 plus shipping/taxes

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