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iZotope VEA: A Speech plugin with technology from RX, Ozone, and Nectar

iZotope VEA: A Speech plugin with technology from RX, Ozone, and Nectar  ·  Source: iZotope


The iZotope VEA or Voice Enhancement Assistant will help improve the quality of recorded speech for your podcasts and YouTube video content.


Using iZotope’s professional technology from the RX, Ozone, and Nectar plug-ins, VEA becomes a simple and effective three-knob solution for improving your speech quality and intelligibility.

With the content creator market in its current boom, having professional audio quality is more important than ever. While not everyone has the budget or skill set to work with premium vocal processing hardware, VEA provides an accessible option for all.

iZotope VEA: The Vocal Enhancement Assistant

The VEA interface is centred around three controls: Clean, Shape, and Boost. From the left, the Clean control introduces noise-reduction processing into the signal path. So many of us record in potentially noisy environments, so this is certainly a useful tool.

Next, in the center, we have the Shape control which gives you more polished and consistent speech. We’ve all wondered how they get that magically punchy and pristine broadcast vocal sound, so this gives you a quick and effective foot in the door.

Finally, the Boost control on the right is like an instant “voice of god”. This adds weight and presence to voice recordings, giving them a more formidable overall character. It might not grant you Rick Rubin’s voice, but your content will surely come across with more authority.

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More Information

The VEA workflow is extremely straightforward. Simply run the audio through the AU, VST, or AAX plug-in on your speech channel within your DAW, and let the AI analysis tool work its magic.

Want to model the voice production of your favourite podcast or creator? No problem. With the free AudioLens plug-in, you can quickly create a profile for VEA to work from.

Pricing and availability:

VEA is currently available from Thomann.

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iZotope VEA: A Speech plugin with technology from RX, Ozone, and Nectar

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