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Cloudlifter X transformer mic activator

The Cloudlifter X transformer mic activator.  ·  Source: Cloud Microphones


The Cloudlifter X is the latest addition to the popular range of mic activators from Cloud Microphones. In collaboration with Cinemag, the Cloudlifter X has been designed with a transformer that adds vibe to any recording.


While the Cloudlifter CL-1 is already known as the industry-standard companion for the SM7B and many other low-output dynamic mics, the X adds even more value and versatility.

The Cloudlifter X transformer mic activator

With the X, you get even more discrete gain than before with two gain settings accessed by a single switch. For softer sources, like capturing speech from guests on your podcast, you have +36 dB of additional gain without increasing the noise floor.

For louder sources like SM57 snare mics or tube condensers that only require a subtle gain bump, the +12 dB setting will do the trick while still leaving you plenty of headroom for post-production and mixdown.

When it comes to tone colour and saturation, the nickel-core Cinemag transformer will add a variable amount according to the gain of the signal. The more gain present, the more character you’ll get from your recording.

Overall, the Cloudlifter X is an incredibly versatile solution for home recording, content creation, or any application where you might be using different types of microphones like foley for example.


With a transformer and extra gain with two settings, it takes an already tried and tested workhorse and adds more creative flexibility without pushing up the price tag too much.

Pricing and availability:

The Cloudlifter X will be available soon from your favourite retailer at a price of $269 MSRP.

More about the Cloudlifter X:


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Cloudlifter X transformer mic activator

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