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Hypersynth Hcards

Hypersynth Hcards  ·  Source: Hypersynth

It’s so annoying when you run out of patch memory on your decades-old synthesizers. You might have to resort to recording patches off onto cassette tape but you can never remember where that old deck went to. Hypersynth has a solution. Their new Hcard cartridges can store not one bank of presets but up to 100 banks with room for thousands of patches.


Currently, there are cards for the Yamaha DX7 (Hcard-701), the DX7-II (Hcard-702) and the Roland D-50 (Hcard-750). Cards for the DX5 and DX1 are in development. The DX7 card will hold 100 banks with a total of 3200 patches. The Mark 2 ups that to 6400 patches. The D-50 has a slightly different structure with 64 banks and 6400 patches.

An added bonus is that the Hcards come with both factory soundbanks and additional curated banks of sounds. The Hcard-701 can drop directly into the Voice ROM cartridge port. The Hcard-702 fits in the RAM4 or DATA ROM slot on the DX7-II. The Hcard-750 fits the M-256 and DATA ROM card slot.



Coming soon is the “H-Display” which is a little screen that you can attach via USB that will display the contents of the cartridge. Otherwise, the Hcards themselves have a 2 digit LED display of bank number.

These are a fabulous way to revitalise these elder synthesizers and remove the fear of losing or overwriting patches.

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