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New Harley Benton MiniStomp effect pedal range

New Harley Benton MiniStomp effect pedal range  ·  Source: Harley Benton


The new Harley Benton MiniStomp Compact Effects are all tiny, ultra-compact metal enclosures weighing only 133 g each, and drawing 20 mA of power, perfect for adding to any pedalboard. There are effects for both guitar and bass, and, you can always abuse synths with them, too. This could be a great way of adding some new tones to your music. Or starting an affordable pedalboard of your own!


Drives and Fuzzes

These new MiniStomp compact pedals from Harley Benton cover all bases. All eight drive and fuzz pedals were inspired by legendary pedal circuits, with Rodent and Green Tint, or the Dealbreaker and Dropkick, through to fuzzes like Sucker Punch, Silly Fuzz, Fuzzy Logic, and Big Fur.

I’m sure you can guess what they are all based on, but if not, the full descriptions are on the Harley Benton main site (see the link below).

Harley Benton MiniStomp drives and fuzzes galore!

Harley Benton MiniStomp drives and fuzzes galore!

Tube Amp Tones

Then there are four tube-amp style pedals, Plexicon and Dr.D, both inspired by famous amp models, whilst True Grit and The Heat offer characteristics of several tube amps.

Harley Benton launches new MiniStomp compact effects pedal range

Harley Benton launches new MiniStomp compact effects pedal range

Delays, Modulation, and more

Next, there is a digital delay called Edgy, the Shaft auto-wah, the Fast Lane flanger/chorus, and Spinner, which is a simulation of a classic rotary cabinet. Or, you could go for the Copy Paste looper-pedal which offers 15 minutes of looping time. There is also one called Alien Signal that is described as mangling guitar sounds into thick, buzzy, digital weirdness!


On the other hand, if you prefer something less outlandish, you could use the new Hot Mod, a multi-effect pedal full of modulation effects, or the Deep Blue, a reverb machine. There is even the Troubadour Acoustic Simulator, for when you need some faux acoustic strumming sections in your live set.

Utility Pedals

There are also plenty of useful utility pedals, designed to make setting up your personalised rig easier. These include the 5-Band and The Deep which are both 5 EQ bands for guitar and bass respectively. The Intersection ABY switch is a perfect way to create dual-amp setups, or integrate two separate signal paths, and the Magnum DI and MicroCAB are cabinet simulations, used for interfacing with any gear that needs a DI input. And finally, you have the Phone Home headphone amp.

For full details and specifications of each pedal, follow the link below to the official Harley Benton MiniStomp page. There are some useful effects amongst these new MiniStomp pedals, and the prices are very competitive too. All the MiniStomp pedals are True Bypass and feature 9V DC negative centre input, so powering them off your standard pedalboard power supply should be no problem.

  • Hot Mod: Modulation (11 effects)
  • Spinner: Rotary
  • Fast Lane: Flanger
  • Copy Paste: Looper
  • Deep Blue: Digital Reverb
  • Alien Sound: Bit Crusher
  • MicroCAB: Cab Sim (11 boxes)
  • Shaft: AutoWah
  • Edgy: Digital Delay (838 ms + optional modulation)
  • Magnum D.I.: DI Box + Cab Sim
  • The Deep: 5-band bass EQ
  • 5-band: 5-band guitar EQ
  • Phone Home: Headphone amplifier
  • Intersection: ABY box
  • Troubadour: Acoustic Simulator
  • Silly Fuzz: Silicon Fuzz (Face)
  • Green Tint: Vintage Overdrive (Tube Screamer)
  • Dealbreaker: Blues Overdrive (Bluesdriver)
  • The Heat: Amp Sim (“tube sound” – fender?)
  • Rodent: Vintage distortion (“biting sound” – RAT?)
  • Drop Kick: High Gain Distortion (jackhammer?)
  • Fuzzy Logic: Germanium Fuzz (Face)
  • Dr. D: Dynamic overdrive (dumble?)
  • True Grit: Amp Simulator (“Valve Combo” – Marshall?)
  • Plexicon: Overdrive (Plexi)
  • Big Fur: Fuzz (Big Muff or Wooly Mammoth?)

More Information Harley Benton

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New Harley Benton MiniStomp effect pedal range

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15 responses to “Harley Benton launches new MiniStomp compact effects pedal range”

    LR says:

    The Alien Sounds (bit crusher) sounds interesting, but isn’t showing up on the that link or on the Thomann main site. Didn’t notice if any others aren’t as well. Are some these being released later?

      Jef says:

      I believe that they should all be up on Thomann soon, suspect it takes a while to get them all up online ready for when they are in stock, etc. If there are any massive delays on any, I will update the article. But expect more to be added soon.

    JB says:

    Rodent is most likely ProCo RAT style pedal and not velcro fuzz.

    If the pedals have decent quality, they might be pretty interesting!

      Jef says:

      My money is on RAT as well. Updated, as got muddled up whilst writing a MASSIVE list of MINI pedals… More Coffee!

    Greg Walton says:

    If you’re going to buy digital simulation pedals aren’t you better off getting a decent multieffect, which is more flexible?

      Bob says:

      These pedals are mostly analogue (drives and amp like ones, some modulators and utilities). Digital delays and some modulators are digital.

    pfrf says:

    Azor, Donner, Outlaw, Koogo, Sonicake, Sovvid, Rowin, Mimidi, VSN, Tom’s Line, Movall, Keytars…and now I guess Harley Benton. Every one of these “brands” make identical mini pedals in slightly different enclosures. They aren’t just similar, they are exactly the same hissy, crappy, cheap sounds.

      Jesus Christ says:

      And I would still sound better than you playing through any of them.

      Stay mad.

      LR says:

      I think a lot of the cheap pedals sound pretty decent these days. Plus it’s a good way to try something new or different without sinking a bunch of money into an effect that you’re not sure you’d get that much use out of.
      I feel fairly confident that the EQD Bit Commander is an awesome pedal, much more well built and more versatile than a Harley Benton, Azor, Donner, etc…. bit crusher, but I’d rather throw down around $30 than $200 on a style of effect I’ve never used before. One can always upgrade their gear if they want more out of something, and I think that’s how most people look at these kinds of offerings.

      Bob says:

      They have excelent pedals. You just have to know which ones.
      You also have expensive crap that makesl no sense being so expensive in the first place. Specially Tube Screamers and Fuzzes. 400 bucks for a fuzz face or big muff clone? Your kidneys for a Vermuran Tube Screamer?

    Rus says:

    Is this Aroma Tomsline Mini Pedals rebranded as Harley Benton?

    midipoti says:

    The “éamerican” amp pedal by harley benton is one of my best pedals, for 30 €…. on my SG At least. I have other neat stuff, but this one is the missing link at the end of the chain (i also have other amp sim, nut not the super expensive ones as i am not a great guitarist). The only thing is that it lasts only a couple of years , but at this price, it doesn’t matter (i suppose it is recyclable?)

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