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Harley Benton DNAfx

Harley Benton DNAfx  ·  Source: Harley Benton

Harley Benton has just announced the DNAfx GiT, what it calls an “advanced amp modelling and multi-effect processor” for guitar. Given Harley Benton’s ability to produce quality gear for little money, we’re not surprised that this pedal manages to pack in some serious power into its compact floor pedal frame – especially given the price tag. With effects, IRs and amp simulations galore, this wallet-friendly floor pedal seems to have it all.

Harley Benton DNAfx GiT

Harley Benton has been banging out some seriously great guitars the last few years. Now the Thomann-affiliated brand has entered the world of amp modelling and multi-effects floor pedals with the new DNAfx unit. And a look at the official spec list for the DNAfx contains features you would normally expect on a unit costing way more.

Harley Benton DNAfx

The DNAfx packs in the features · Source: Harley Benton

Feature Packed

Let’s break it down. There are 55 classic & modern non-linear digital amp models onboard, billed as giving real tube tone, feel and response. To complement the amp simulations there are 26 IRs based around classic and modern speaker cabinet models, with the facility for users to use third party IRs as well.

That is a great amount of virtual amp rigs to play with. Now factor in 151 guitar effects spread across drives, compressors, noise gates, EQ´s, modulation, wah, pitch, filters, delays, reverbs and beyond. These span all the classic effects we all know and love, plus some nice modern effects that you can stretch your creative wings. You can have up to 9 effects on at one and the built-in expression pedal can be assigned to adjust parameters in real time. Tap tempo is also available, so you can keep your delay trails in time for example.

Harley Benton DNAfx front panel with LED display

Harley Benton DNAfx front panel with clear easy to read LED display · Source: Harley Benton

Loops & Rhythm

The unit also contains an 80 second phrase looper, a drum machine with 40 drum patterns and 10 metronome rhythms, plus a built-in chromatic tuner. All that makes the DNAfx a great choice for practise and songwriting, as well as gigging. Users can build their own patches and recall up to 200 stored preset patches, so you can build a live set or assign various patches to song parts.

Harley Benton DNAfx rear panel

DNAfx rear panel · Source: Harley Benton


The DNAfx is no slouch when it comes to connectivity either, as it boasts a handy USB port for PC/MAC editing, direct audio recording into your DAW and any future software updates. The OTG port is laid out as micro USB, supporting smart phone and tablets for direct audio/video recording or live streaming.

The outputs can be programmed for simple integration into live or studio setup. A headphone output is available for silent practise, along with an Aux input so you can jam along with backing tracks as well. I like that the chassis is aluminium and built to be stomped on. The colour LED display seems easy to read, too, showing you exactly where you are at a glance.

Mooer has a rival

Harley Benton has obviously thought of everything with the DNAfx GiT and I get the feeling that the Mooer GE-150 is directly in their sights. The DNAfx comes in under Mooer’s price point, which was already a great proposition. The DNAfx GiT punches even further above its weight. Is this the product to beat for guitarists on a budget? Time will tell.

RRP: EUR 139

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Harley Benton DNAfx

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One response to “Harley Benton DNAfx GiT: Insane multi-effects power for your buck”

    Frank Bauer says:

    The Harley Benton is only a repackaged Mooer GE-150. Same hardware, same firmware, same effects, same amps, same sound and same limitations (like the fixed signal chain). Just looks different (the Harley Benton sports those awful ultrabright blue LEDs).

    That so many reviewers don‘t realize that these are the same boxes just shows how much of a placebo effect goes into these reviews.

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