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Harley Benton DNAfx Git Pro

Harley Benton DNAfx Git Pro  ·  Source: Harley Benton


Harley Benton has just launched its new, more powerful DNAfx GiT Pro. This expanded version of the DNAfx GiT is designed to give players even more tones in an affordable floor pedal board package, while offering more power and flexibility.


Harley Benton DNAfx Git Pro

The Harley Benton DNAfx Git Pro is a multi-effect unit with built-in amp simulation and cab modelling via IRs, and has enough power to handle most situations. But unsurprisingly for a Harley Benton product, it doesn’t cost a fortune. The unit contains 51 amp models and 31 cabs, along with 64 effects. You can also load your own IRs.

DNAfx GiT Pro Photo Top

DNAfx GiT Pro Photo Top · Source: Harley Benton


Effects included range from distortion to all manner of modulations, plus reverbs/delays, through to pitch shifters and even a noise gate, to help tame your hiss. It also features a handy FX loop that can be placed anywhere as a slot, making it easy to do things like placing the internal effects of the DNAfx GiT Pro where you want, like placing a distortion before the preamp of your amplifier, then looping in a reverb effect after the preamp before sending it back out to your amp. With the built-in foot rocker or an external expression pedal, any effect parameter can also be manipulated on the fly.

Harley Benton DNAfx Git Pro rear panel

DNAfx Git Pro rear panel · Source: Harley Benton


The unit comes in an aluminium enclosure and has 4 foot switches, and a foot rocker treadle. You get a master volume control (not endless), along with five encoders (endless) under the coloured 5′′ display. There are also 5 pressure switches and a select push pot for added control.

On the rear of the unit you’ll find connectivity for Input, Dual Mono outputs, an FX loop with Dual Mono Return, Dual Mono XLR Out, MIDI In/Out as a 5-pin DIN connection as well as a USB Type B, for use with the upcoming PC/Mac editor, for recording and for backups and firmware updates. Also onboard is an Expression In for connecting an additional expression pedal and an Amp Ctrl connector. The latter Amp Control feature lets you switch channels on your amp directly from the pedal. The AUX In and Headphones Out are on mini jacks, as the back panel is quite cramped.


The price point is very appealing and the unit offers a lot of useful features for the money. I can see them being popular for anyone on a limited budget.

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Harley Benton DNAfs GiT Pro

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Harley Benton is an inhouse brand of Thomann. Our publisher, Remise 3, is a Thomann daughter company. 

Harley Benton DNAfx Git Pro

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    Ugo says:

    Mah… As the guitars, also their effects seem like a poor ripoff.
    USB B in 2022? Really?
    Also good luck finding any support on their page. Also the firmware upgrades will be rolling out like…. never.

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