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Harley Benton Agufish LTD Signature

Harley Benton Agufish LTD Signature  ·  Source: Harley Benton


Agufish is a popular YouTube channel run by guitarist Hunter Engel, where he reviews guitars and generally talks six-strings all day long. Now he has teamed up with Harley Benton to create his very own signature model guitar, the new Agufish LTD Signature model.


Signature Single-cut

This new signature single-cut guitar features a AAA ash top on a mahogany body, with dual humbuckers and a 25″ scale length  roasted Canadian AAA flamed maple neck loaded with stainless steel frets on a Macassar ebony fretboard.

It comes with some nice features including a Graph Tech TUSQ XL nut and glow in the dark side dot markers. It’s those little touches that make it stand out from, say, an Epiphone or ESP LTD model. They come shipped from the factory set up with a set of Daddario EXL 09-042 strings.

Harley Benton Agufish LTD Signature full

Harley Benton Agufish LTD Signature

Roswell Humbuckers

The dual custom-wound Roswell humbuckers are a Seraphim Alnico V at the bridge and a Flanker Alnico V/ceramic in the neck position. It has a traditional twin volume and one control setup wired via a three-way switch. You also get a set of Grover locking tuners and a stop tail with a Tune-o-matic style bridge.

Harley Benton Agufish LTD Signature front

Harley Benton Agufish LTD Signature front

Limited Edition

This is a limited edition run of the guitar and each one with comes with a certificate of authenticity. Numbers are limited, though so if you want one you will have to get in pretty quickly. The run is pretty small from what we gather, and the teasers on the Harley Benton Instagram and Facebook channels have been getting a lot of positive responses from the Agufish fans. [Update: people in the know at Harley Benton tell us the production run is 350.]

The specifications for this guitar are pretty decent and if you want a single-cut style instrument then this could be perfect for anyone  looking for something a bit different from the norm. The violet finish on the ash top and brushed chrome hardware combined with the roasted maple neck make this model stand out from the crowd.

RRP: €499

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  • Harley Benton Agufish LTD Signature full: Harley Benton
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Harley Benton Agufish LTD Signature

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4 responses to “Harley Benton’s lush new Agufish LTD Signature for YouTuber Hunter Engel”

    Dane says:

    It’s limited to 280, but not sold out.

    What’s really strange about this one: a while ago a Chinese company called 10S asked Hunter to challenge them into building his absolute dream guitar. The result was a guitar that looked absolutely stunning.

    This Harley Benton here looks nothing like it. And I don’t mean the quality or attention to detail. It’s a completely different beast, looks very boring, very safe (other than the horrendous colour), and very generic. I know, the 10S was probably very expensive to build, but why bother collaborating with HB to build his “signature” guitar when it’s obviously unlike any guitar Hunter previously praised on his channel?

    There is basically no reason for this to exist. Also, looking at the price tag … for that money you can easily get a nice Ibanez or ESP LTD with better spec and better visuals. It should also be noted that Harley Benton’s “stainless steel” frets are often criticized as being quite soft, and that the “Grover” tuners are actually licensed tuners built in Asia, not the real USA-built Grovers.

      André says:

      I get your point, I first found out about Hunter’s channel when stumbling across his LTD Eclipse 256 review I was interested in at the time. “It’s an okay guitar”, he said something among the lines of, “but nothing outstanding, you just get what you pay”. Even with considerably better guitars, he’s been quite critical (and for good reason, he reviews gear after all) but it’s clear he values quality, plus he has several high-dollar guitars.

      Thing with Harley Benton is they’ve been trying to make themselves appear as something more than a brand of cheap knockoffs for beginner players, but much like the HB Fusion, this appears like yet another of their “amazing models competing with instruments twice their price”, yet it’s all solely in the specsheet, something they can get away with as an online-only retailing product, as in reality they aren’t as good as they appear.

      Finally, we have to point this out as factual: no matter how good of a player Hunter his, he’s still a fairly small guitar YouTube. What’s your favorite track of his or of his band? – probably nobody reading this even knows whether he has any. I’m definitely not bashing or hating him, given the work put onto his videos, his playing talent and up until now, his honesty when reviewing gear, in a couple of years he can easily get in the top league of the platform, and he took a great opportunity.

      However, when one of the only and longest reviews of the guitar is his own, too, it speaks quite a lot for itself… Harley Benton needed someone to help promote their products, besides his fanbase (and here, many online celebs have already learned these don’t usually put their money where their mouth is), nobody will buy it inspired by a player they don’t even know. Perhaps they’ll like the guitar for what it is, though it’s very much an instrument built for his taste and lacking more customisation options. In the end, he has his own signature model, whereas I don’t, but it shows you can get quite a lot more than you’d think by knocking on the right doors.

      Craig says:

      10s did that as a promotional opportunity to build awareness for the brand. They offered the same to Ryan “Fluff” Bruce. These weren’t a limited run, it was a one off, asking Hunter how he’d like to customize his guitar.

      As for the Harley Benton, Hunter has worked with them for two years as a contracted designer. I’m surprised you’d think a guitar featuring all the specs that his signature offers with that purple AAA Swamp Ash top with that AAA Canadian roasted maple neck looks generic.

      To each their own, but I think the Harley Benton Signature is miles better in looks and build quality than that 10s promo guitar.

      Danny says:

      For 499€ all you can get is LTD EC-256 that is no better than HB SC Custom, 179€ guitar. Agufish guitar has specs that are 10 times better than EC-56.

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