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SolidGoldFX Athena Vibra-Phase

SolidGoldFX Athena Vibra-Phase  ·  Source: YOUTUBE/SolidGoldFX

Built in Canada, the new SolidGoldFX Athena Vibra-Phase is based around a two-stage phase effect, with leanings towards the classic Univibe tones of the late ’60s. 

SolidGoldFX Athena Vibra-Phase

What’s interesting here and goes beyond your regular phase effect is the pitch altering vibrato and asymmetrical Uni-Vibe tones. It has a Speed and Depth control, which is fairly standard, as well as an Output Level that will give you an extra boost when required.

SolidGoldFX Athena Vibra-Phase

SolidGoldFX Athena Vibra-Phase

Blend it

The Mode switch allows you to set the wet-dry blends to either left (50/50 blend) or centre (80/20 blend), which is more intensive and wobbly. When set to the right, the Athena is in manual mode.

The Color switch allows you to choose how much throb you get to your phase effect. There are three levels that will allow you to go from the high, medium and low intensity throbbiness!

You can also hook up an external expression pedal with a TRS cable to get hands-free control over the LFO speed. When set to manual mode, you can then adjust the phase in real-time with your foot.

I’m a sucker for a nice Uni-Vibe and Phaser effect as I grew up on Hendrix and Robin Trower. So for me, it always feels like a comfortable effect to use when playing the guitar. This new variation sounds lovely to my ears – nice and ‘chewy’. The added bonus of being able to crank the output to compensate for the perceived drop in volume when you engage the effect is welcome. I’m also keen on the pedal’s small format and the true-bypass circuit.

RRP –  USD 175

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