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J Rockett Tranquilizer Tour Series pedal Phase Vibe MXR 45 90

J Rockett Tranquilizer based on the classic MXR 45  ·  Source:


J. Rockett Audio Designs Tranquilizer phase/vibe pedal is based on the old classic MXR 45 phase pedal circuit, just with the ability to also do a vibe.

The company started out with a recreation of the MXR 45 as they were looking for something a bit less swirly than the Phase 90 pedal, along the way they made a few tweaks to the circuit and the Tranquilizer pedal was born. One of the results of the redesign is they have managed to control the low end ‘thump’ which on the original 45 was uncontrollable. By taming this they have made the pedal more friendly to players looking for the tone but with more control over the shaping of that sound.


The Tranquilizer is part of the companies Tour series of pedals and has a compact case with four controls to sculpt the effect.  There is the Phase/Vibe knob which you can use to dial in the amount of each effect from 100% vibe all the way through to 100% phase. Or you can blend between the two effects and balance them how you like.

Focus is the next control and is most obvious round the 10-2 o’clock positions on the knob. The effect itself is less obvious and has a more subtle affect outside these ranges. It allows you to change the character of the effect and make it more focused or pronounced. The Speed control allows you to raise or lower the effects oscillation speed.

Last up is the Fat control and this is the dial which allows you to tame that low-end thump I mentioned earlier. It’s great for use in a live situation where too much bass will just muddy your band’s live sound, or in recording situations where you really do not want all those low frequencies ‘hogging’ the low end. Of course you can always add as well as subtract, so it’s pretty versatile and a welcome addition to the design.

RRP GBP £189

Tranquilizer specifications: Rockett Pedals



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