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Goly Porter Grinder and Stereo Dynamic Shelving Equalizer

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Danish manufacturer GOLY has unveiled the Porter Grinder Master EQ and Stereo Dynamic Shelving EQ Two Boutique. That’s a pair of boutique hardware equalizers that not only looks great (and colorful!), but will certainly sound convincing. The cost point for both devices together is a little over EUR 6600 (plus taxes). But taking a peek doesn’t really cost anything!

Porter Grinder Master EQ

The Porter Grinder Master EQ goes back to the EQ design of Calrec mixers, developed by the late Barry Porter. His circuit designs were made available to the public and that’s how the NetEQ became a popular project in the DIY scene. Danish engineer Gustav Gory used exactly these templates, but refined many elements over three years. So in the end, only the parallel filter section remains from the original circuit.

This stereo equalizer gives you 2×4 EQ adjustment bands for editing. The mid frequency band provides a total of six settings for the filter. Five settings are available for the Low and High bands. You can also switch these to a shelving mode. The EQ works in both L / R and M / S modes.

You can also set frequencies and gain to a total of 23 levels using rasterized Blore Edwards switches, calibrated in steps of 0.5 dB. You can set an increase or decrease of up to 5.5 dB per band. You will also find switches for Global Bypass, Master Gain, and Power.

Should you desire the Porter Grinder Master EQ in your studio, you are looking at EUR 3290 plus taxes. You can order it from the manufacturer’s website.

Goly Porter Grinder and Stereo Dynamic Shelving Equalizer

Goly Porter Grinder and Stereo Dynamic Shelving Equalizer

Stereo Dynamic Shelving Equalizer

Gustav Goly has been working on this equalizer since 2016, making the final changes to the design this year during lockdown. As the name suggests, this is a dynamic equalizer, but it’s also one that works without crossover frequencies. Thus, it does not produce any multiband compression artifacts. Treble and bass are the focus of this device, which the manufacturer describes as kind of a “high / low end management system”.

The high and low cut filters each have six adjustable frequencies and three filter curves. You switch each filter to bypass if necessary. The second stage of this EQ consists of shelving filters for bass and treble, with up to 5.5 dB boost or cut. The dynamic part is also built in here, where you can choose between 11 fixed frequencies and set parameters for attack, release and hold. There’s also a switch for soft and hard knee. The values ​​for attack, release or gain can be adjusted in 23 steps. A bypass function is available for the two shelving filters as well. You can observe the increases and decreases on the meters.

If you order from the GOLY website, you have to wait patiently for at least six weeks. During this time, the device will be hand-assembled for you. The price is EUR 3360 plus taxes.

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