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GOLY PQ2 Stereo Matched Tube EQ

GOLY PQ2 Stereo Matched Tube EQ  ·  Source: GOLY Devices

GOLY Devices of Denmark has added the PQ2 tube equalizer to their portfolio. It is a custom-built stereo EQ that has a strong Pultec vibe to it, but is not a clone, GOLY says. 

GOLY Devices is based in Odense, Denmark. They manufacture a small selection of fine, custom-built hardware, including the Porter Grinder Precision Mastering EQ, the Bax (Mastering grade Bandaxall Filters, and the MS4K and MS76 dynamics processors. The PQ2 is the newest addition to their portfolio of boutique studio hardware.

The PQ2 stereo matched tube equalizer features a passive filter section which is based on the Pultec EQP-1. GOLY says that it is not meant to be another clone of the legendary program equalizer. Which is probably a good idea, as there are now more Pultec plug-ins that I can keep track of, including offerings by Universal Audio, Black Rooster Audio, and Acustica, among many others. Instead, the GOLY EQ is a “development of the circuit”. In the active gainstage, the PQ2 employs an SRPP vacuum tube design. Both channels feature Lundahl LL5402 input and output transformers.

Switches, not pots

Instead of potentiometers, the PQ2 uses switches for all of its controls, which means that stereo settings can be matched precisely. This is especially useful for mastering applications. Furthermore, the switch design allows for exact recalls of previous settings.

The GOLY PQ2 stereo matched tube EQ costs 1,600 Euros excluding VAT. Each unit is built to order. For more information and ordering, visit the company’s website.

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