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GBSoundLab EasyMix

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A plug-in to get your mix in order “very easily”? Sure, bring it on! GBSoundlab hears our wishes and presents EasyMix. This is a super industrial-looking channel strip plug-in that offers a set of controls to edit individual audio tracks, buses and entire mixes. Richer harmonics, more clarity and presence – promises the Spanish manufacturer, who is also giving away a free plug-in.


GBSoundlab EasyMix

The developer has been involved in music production since the 1990s and has now incorporated all that know-how into this plug-in. EasyMix is ​​a virtual channel strip with a number of rotary controls. First, the plug-in addresses crucial frequency ranges, some of which are referred to here with metaphors. ‘Sound’ and ‘Face’ take care of the midrange and act like one-knob effects that you can use to control several parameters. You will also find a tune control that goes from 400 to 600 Hz, along with controls for resonance and ‘Cotton’. Isn’t it nice when things are named clearly?

The LOWs department is dedicated to bass frequencies, featuring two controls that emphasize or reduce different frequencies. Two sliders decide whether the Q factor is set to be narrow or broadband. Both controls take on a slightly different frequency range, but you can still edit the same ranges. For example, a reduction with a narrow quality factor and a simultaneous increase with a broad Q value is possible. Loving the Pultec homage!

‘Air’ lets you tweak the treble frequencies with six sliders and two knobs (Silk and Gain). If you turn it up here, the sound will be more compressed – but the result should always sound musical. The plug-in emulates tube hardware, but the manufacturer does not provide any specifics.



The dynamics section has a few controls that you can use to spice up the tracks. You can expect a compressor with 10 different models (such as Opto, VCA, and Diode), all of which have their own sound character. There are two models for the Limiter, one for harmonic instruments and the other for percussive material. ‘Squeeze’ takes care of parallel compression, also with four options. The dynamics processor can address the low and high frequencies separately. VU meters visualize what is happening with the Effect and Direct channels, helping you adjust dynamics.

Price and availability

GBSoundlab EasyMix is ​​available as VST, VST3 and AU for macOS (10.11 or newer) and Windows (8.1 or newer). Instructions can be found in English and Spanish on the manufacturer’s website. You can also listen to a few audio examples there. The price is EUR 45. The demo version can help find out whether EasyMix does it for you.

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GBSoundLab EasyMix

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