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Fredric Effects The Accomplished Badger

Fredric Effects The Accomplished Badger two-stage pre-amp and boost pedal  ·  Source:

The Fredric Effects Accomplished Badger is their new twin stage boost, with an opamp buffer/boost driving a Germanium transistor gain stage. This pedal is an original design yet has its tones based upon  some classic boost pedals.

Two Stages

The two new old stock Germanium transistors are all hand tested for their suitability and are a core part of the Accomplished Badger’s sound. Frederic Effects seek out ones with low leakage and the best gain as possible, this gives the pedal its sparkle, but also drive when needed, but keeps it from being overly noisy.

Sparkle & Dirt

One stage is a nice clean sparkly boost and will just give you that extra push when you need it,for when you want to overdrive a good valve amp .The other stage is far grittier and Frederic Effects claim will sound more like an overloaded circuit on a mixing desk or even a torn speaker.

The pedal is very Brian May in character and I’m sure that badger reference is a subtle hint towards the clog wearing astrophysicist’s rock guitar tones, as he is well known to use germanium treble boosters as part of his signature guitar tone.

Overall I have to say that personally, I have always found it hard to find a really nice germanium boost pedal. Listening to the YouTube demo videos though I think this is possibly the sort of thing that could end my search, as it appears to be pretty versatile and I love the fact it can get really filthy if you need it to.

The simple layout appeals to my inner Luddite and that is always a good thing I have found, as it means I can just enjoy playing. I love pedals that are organic and easy to operate, less is more.


Full details of the Fredric Effects Accomplished Badger here


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