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Dr No Effects

Dr No Effects with 'secret mystical skull'  ·  Source: Dr No Effects


Dr No Effects KFC Crystal Boost pedal  ·  Source: Dr No Effects


Koen Fu is the latest artist to collaborate with Dr No Effects, and this new creation is certainly distinct from all the other boost pedals out there. It’s called the – wait for it –  KFC Sauce Dispenser Crystal Boost. It even has, Dr No says, some mystical mojo that he will activate for you remotely once you receive your pedal. And a crystal skull inside the housing you’re not supposed to touch. Or something like that, anyway…


KFC Sauce Dispenser

As usual with Dr No Effects, this latest collaboration certainly stands out from the crowd, although this time it is quite reserved in design terms compared to some of his previous works, which have included silver bird skull knobs, glowing hearts and turd-shaped fuzz pedals.

The design is quite appealing though and is based around the Koen Fu CustomShop or KFC logo on the single large white control knob, with a bright red coloured design, outlined in white and green lettering.

I must say, whether or not you think it sounds good, you have to admit it looks really cool.

Clean Boost

The pedal is a clean boost for your guitar, and the demo video below does a good job of showing you what it can actually do. We don’t have any details of the actual circuit inside the KFC Sauce Dispenser Crystal Boost, but just like the Colonel’s Special Recipe, we don’t need to know all the details if the outcome is good, right?

It is a simple pedal, with a single LED, a footswitch and that big KFC white knob. That simplicity means it won’t get too demanding on the old grey cells, even for a Luddite like myself.

Secret Skulls…

Inside each unit is a secret. Yes, a real Crystal Skull is built inside each of the effects. A note from Dr No Effects states: ‘Please try to avoid direct contact and do not touch the Crystal Skull or do not look at it for longer than 30 seconds’. It goes on to ask you to contact Dr No Effects when you receive your pedal and he will remotely activate the Skull and unleash its mystic powers. Or something like that…

All that ‘mystical’ marketing spiel aside, it sounds good and looks pretty sweet too, so if you are in the market for a boutique clean boost pedal for your guitar, then you may want to consider the KFC.

I have no idea what these guys are smoking, but fried chicken could help the aftermath.

RRP – EUR 193

Dr No Effects KFC Sauce Dispenser Crystal Boost product page


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