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Dr No Effects Raven gutar effect pedal

Dr No Effects Raven  ·  Source: Dr No Effects


Almost exactly one month ago, Dr. No Effects from Netherlands presented the first project of his 9-month collaboration with Troy Van Leeuwen of Queens of the Stone Age, the Octavia Fuzz, featuring a brilliant miniature heart. We’ve just heard about the second and last pedal in the series: The Raven.


The Raven

The Raven is divided into two sides, encompassing a filter and a booster section. The regulator is for the filter quality (Q or bandwidth) while the golden raven skull is a potentiometer with three positions for different capacitors, and thus for a variety of tonal characteristics.

Troy and Dr No collaborated for a long time on this series of pedals. Originally, or so the story goes, they were going to do one pedal, but decided that two would be the best way to get the sounds that Troy was after. I think they both look pretty amazing and I assume that we can expect them to sound great, as well.

Dr No Effects Raven

Dr No Effects Raven. · Source: Dr No Effects

Queens Of The Stone Age have some fantastic guitar sounds, many of which come from Troy’s signature guitar sounds. I’m very much looking forward to hearing this new pedal in action. There will be 50 units available on pre-order, and shipping is slated for April 10th.

RRP € 268

Dr No Effects Raven site

Dr No Effects Raven gutar effect pedal

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