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Eventide Rotary Mod

Eventide Rotary Mod  ·  Source: Eventide / Gearnews


Eventide has ported its Rotary Mod iOS app to macOS and Windows. The latest of the H9 series plug-ins simulates a Leslie rotary speaker cabinet. Rotary Mod originally came out on iOS a few months ago. Now it has arrived on the desktop.


Eventide Rotary Mod

The Leslie cabinet is an integral part of the classic Hammond organ sound. But the effect is quite popular among guitarists as well, which is why Eventide released the Rotary Mod algorithm for its H9 stompbox effects processor back in 2014. Last year, the company made the algorithm available as an iOS app. And like previous H9 series plug-ins like CrushStation and MicroPitch, it has now arrived on the Mac and PC platforms.

The plug-in lets you choose from two cabinet sizes (standard and giant). There are separate speed controls for the rotor and horn, and the tempo can be tapped or synchronized to the DAW. You can adjust the balance between the rotor and horn signals and apply a high cut filter to get a variety of effects.

For modulation of the rotor and horn frequencies, Rotary Mod offers a secondary LFO and an envelope. There’s also a ribbon control, which lets you adjust multiple parameters simultaneously, according to Eventide.

There are many Leslie simulations out there. But with its modulation capabilities, Eventide Rotary Mod looks like it’ll be capable of some unusual variations of the effect. If you’re into the sound of rotating speakers, this will be a great addition to your plug-in folder.

Price and compatibility

Eventide Rotary Mod is on sale until June 21st, 2020 for USD 39. After that, the price will increase to USD 99. You can get the plug-in at Pluginboutique*.


Rotary Mod runs on Windows 7 or higher (32/64 bit) and macOS 10.9 or higher (64 bit) in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats. An iLok account is required for activation.

The iOS version requires iOS 11 or higher and comes in AUv3, Interapp Audio and Standalone versions. It’s available from the App Store for USD 4.99.

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Eventide Rotary Mod

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